Over the last two days, the Dota 2 Reborn Beta has received quite a few updates. Many of these updates addressed some bugs and the full list is available at the official website. One update that seems to be garnering a lot of discussion appears to be the new 10v10 Mode that was played at the TI5 Allstars game. In various comment threads and discussion boards around the web, such as the forums over at Steam and PlayDota.com , Gamers’ reactions range from curious to annoyed.  Either way, this latest string of updates seems to be have been perfectly timed to keep the buzz rolling for Dota as the chatter from the recent Championship starts to wane down.


If you find yourself curious and ready to dive into some 10v10 action, you can download the update right now from the Official Steam Workshop and form your own opinion. Do you think it can be stable enough for Official games, or is it merely something to have some fun with and toy around on in between serious matches?


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