Last night, The DOTA 2 blog announced that the first of the DOTA Majors (Fall) will be held in November in Europe. In advance of this Major, Open Qualifiers will be held from October 6-9 and Regional Qualifiers will be held from October 10-13. According to the blog itself:

“Any team may participate in an Open Qualifier, and two teams from each region will be among those invited to participate in the Regional Qualifiers. The Regional Qualifiers will then determine several of the teams to be invited to battle at the Major. Direct invitations to the Major and the Regional Qualifiers will be announced on October 5th.”


This will mark the beginning of the first series of Majors for DOTA 2 that were announced back in April. These Majors are to take part across each of the next four seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer), with the Summer event essentially functioning as the International Championship.

For more information, please see the registration site.

Are any Steam First readers planning on participating? If so, we would love to hear about it! Please let us know in the comments, or e-mail me in the address provided in my profile and we can discuss providing more expanded coverage for your team throughout the Majors!


  1. DOTA is one of those games I love to wish I knew how to play and was good at. The time to learn the game in crazy and the time to get good is impossible. Impressive watching the pros.


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