Since it was done so quietly, I had completely missed that Bethesda announced a Beta for the next Doom game will be made available at some point in the future. The catch is that, in order to gain access to it, you will need to pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order which is currently slated for a May 20 release. Wolfenstein: The New Order is not currently listed on Steam, but the Doom Beta page directly mentions “pre-ordering digitally from Steam” as a guaranteed method of obtaining Beta access. No dates were given for when a Beta participant will be contacted by Bethesda, when the Beta will begin, and how long it will last. Bethesda did leave the door open to a possible open-beta further down the road.

Also unknown is whether this Beta will include any single-player elements or be strictly multi-player. No official media has ever been released for the next Doom, which until now has always been refereed to as Doom 4, but there have been plenty of possible images leaked on the internet that show a destroyed Earth with plenty of demonic imagery. If these shots are indeed from the new Doom, then it implies a remake of Doom 2: Hell on Earth to complement Doom 3, which was essentially a remake of the first Doom set on Mars.

Again, this report is a bit late, but if you where interested in the upcoming Wolfenstein or have already pre-ordered it, you now know that you should expect an email from Bethesda with your Beta access information. Id software, the original developer of the Doom series, was purchased by Zenimax media in 2009. With Bethesda now making the game, many have wondered if a new Doom would be open-world like Fallout 3, or more compact like Rage. we’ll have to wait and see.


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