Ever since I was a kid video games were a big part of my Saturday morning routine.  From early childhood to my teen’s my brother and I went from a Nintendo, to a Super NES, to an Xbox.  But after the first Xbox I sort of hit a snag in gaming, losing the excitement that I always had.  That was, until the Xbox 360 came out and Gears of War was released.  Video games were back!

The first Gears of War was kind of a huge deal for me.  It was my first en-devour into multiplayer gaming.  My buddies and I spent countless hours at night teaming up, learning the maps, trying new weapons; just having a blasty blast of a time.  Fast forward about 8 or so years (has it been that long?) and I have since moved over to Steam from the land of Xbox.  The one console only game that I truly miss though is GOW.  If only Microsoft would port it, and that brings me to my question for you folks.  Would you buy the game again, possibly at a discount, if it was ported over to Steam?  Vote in our poll below and leave a comment, let us know if you loved GOW, hated it, never heard of it, or would also love to see it ported to our favorite gaming service.

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  1. This would be awesome, I played the first and second on the 360 and would love to play the whole series on PC

  2. i wish for gears of war to come to steam i want the real deal so i gonna sign a petition for gears of war


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