Bungies upcoming title, Destiny has had a lot of the hype lately as well as it should. Until now, my excitement was a bit dulled just because it was said that the game would be console exclusive. Today, we know differently and the fire of excitement has been set ablaze.



“Internally, Bungie feels the current console beta version of Destiny was considered more of an Alpha. The console release will be called beta .9 and devs feel a PC release will really be a 1.0 . Plans are to have all bugs removed and sorted out for a March 2015 release. Destiny will be released under publisher Activision and will be available on Steam! The games release will support 1080p / 60 and a future update will enable 2k/4k resolutions.”

Key points to recognize here:

  • Activision being the publisher. This is key in making Destiny available on Steam.
  • Resolution updates.
  • Dev team realizing the need for a PC release.
  • March 2015 release.
  • Steam.




      • Oh really? Do tell what things these ‘anonymous sources’ got right and point me to articles detailing this news before it broke

      • Rrrriiight.

        Just like Thuway or IGN’s ‘Trusty Anon Source’ who told them that The Last Guardian was cancelled, which prompted Sony staff to point and laugh at them and tell them how stupid they are.

        Much trustworthy. Good news, solid journalism.

        That said, what bugs? Why insult the integrity of the studio and think they view the Beta as alpha, and the Alpha was….what then? Both Alpha and beta were solid with really barely any problems. It was well polished and this magical source of yours just seems to be one of those people that subtly talk about PC Master Race by saying the Console version of the game are simply the Beta Tasters game whilst PC’s version will be the Final retail quality game? That’s all the ‘source’ boils down to.

  1. This sounds like it was written by a 5 year old. The fire of excitement has been set ablaze within me! Just imagine someone of the flamboyant type saying that line lol!

  2. Why adding 2k/4k update on a later date? So not to make it sound way to superior vs console, hence fear of console sales?

    Great news it coming to PC though!

  3. “activision being the publisher” Activision has been the publisher the entire time, for consoles as well. There is nothing “key” in that. That’s like saying square enix is “key” to making final fantasy games.

  4. Wonder what 2K update Bungie will be adding post launch….; Thing is that 1920 by 1080p is technically considered “2K” Standard, it´s not accurate like 4K is not really 4K. In other words “2K” = Full HD aka 1080p, “4K” = Ultra HD aka 2160p.

    This has to be an attempt to disuade potential console buyers to get the console version, which no matter what you try will outclass the PC copy by a factor of 10:1, if there is a PC that is (definitely not 2014, more like end 2015).

    Also my anonmouse tells me : to avoid this site

        • Technically there are five resolutions that are considered to be 2k. 2048×1080, 2048×858, 1998×1080, 2560×1440, and 2560×1600. The first three are relevant to the film/camera industry while the last two are relevant to gaming. However 1440p is the most relevant due to the 16:9 aspect ratio whereas 1600p is 16:10. You should do some research before being a jerk.

  5. I have little doubt Destiny will come to the PC. But, that maybe a long wait. But, this is click-bait at it’s finest.

  6. I re-read this and I feel it’s invalid/fake for one reason:
    The games release will support 1080p / 60 and a future update will enable 2k/4k resolutions.”

    This isn’t a constraint of PC gaming. FPS is determined by refresh rate and your system strength, and resolution is relative to the size of your monitor and what your videocard can handle.

    i.e. It doesn’t need to “support” 1080p or 60fps if I’m running it at 1440 and 72fps.

    • Unless framerate is capped at 60. If Destiny does come to PC, there’s the very real possibility it will be a horrid port.


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