If I was reviewing this title ten years ago I would have a much more positive outcome. When I play Desert Thunder I get taken back to 2003 (The year this game was released). That is not good thing in this case. Desert thunder has below par poor graphics even for ten years ago. A story that screams we ran out of ideas to make a riveting campaign and the gameplay that is literally one of the worst I have seen in ages.

The godfather of destructible enviroments
The godfather of destructible environments

Desert Thunder has a very simple user interface/Hud where everything is obvious and present. The menu navigation is a horror story as it is clunky and odd. The games only allows for a max resolution of 1280×1024 which is very sad by today’s standards but if we compare to games from 10 years ago it is just fine. When you drive you tank you are limited by the tanks 180 degree viewing angle. There is no way to figure out how the bullet drop works since the reticle does not help you out at all. It just tells you where the gun is pointing. The game features some quite interesting destructible environment’s which ten years ago would have been the benchmark of all games. Desert Thunder has no real challenge, even if you turn up the difficulty to the hardest. The AI in Desert Thunder is fairly poor and unfortunately the game has zero replay quality, as once you are done there is nothing left to do.

While the game does not feature great graphics, the subtle tones of the desert setting are not bad. The lighting is better than some games today. The developers made your tank look like a god compared to anything else in the game. The tank looks quite good for such a dated game and it almost puts a real importance on your tank compared to every other enemy tank.

Desert ThunderThe game has a story that seems so typical it’s more of a joke. You are the commander of an elite tank squad yet your squad seems to be dead. The story is very vague. Just go with this, shoot terrorists. It’s better than trying to decipher the actual tale in Desert Thunder.

While this applies to the story in some aspect the voice acting is decent but could be a bit more polished. The games sound track is quite good featuring standard rock and roll which feels good while rolling around in a tank shooting the bad guys.

Unfortunately, I can not recommend purchasing this title at its $10 price tag.


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