In a pretty surprising move today, the developers behind Indie hit “Darkest Dungeon” have updated the game to add the ability to turn some off the more recent, controversial updates. The game had been very popular since being released into Early Access way back in February. However, recent updates to the game apparently had a massive effect on most gamers enjoyment of the game, as the reviews on Steam began to plummet. The overwhelming majority of them pointing to the same flaws, the recent update. Specifically, the “Corpses & Heart Attacks” system of play. They all mention the way the game seemed to evolve from a fun and somewhat frustrating rouge-like experience to a system that was simply too “grindy” and too maddeningly frustrating. To many, these became game-breaking elements.


Today’s update, however, addresses the issue in the best foreseeable way. Giving you the option of whether to play with the new updates and systems enabled or not. That way, you can choose to add the extra grinding and difficulty if you choose, or you can simply play away the way you may have already grown accustomed to. This particular update occurs during the middle of being a Spotlight item in the Steam “Midweek Madness” sale, which also gives the impression that these developers over at Red Hook Studios are working hard, listening to the gamers, processing that feedback and properly utilizing the Early Access feature of Steam to it’s benefit. They’ve gone from being a game that was getting rave reviews to a game that took a turn for the worse (in some eyes) and started piling up some negative reviews, and now it seems that it may swing back the other way and pick up more momentum than ever. Have any Steam First readers dared dwell in the Darkest Dungeon yet, either pre- or post-update? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts on the game via e-mail or in the comment section below.


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