PC gamers who lack the skills to build a custom PC rig or the funds to buy a flashy machine with an alien-head emblem on it can still get the exact specifications they’re looking for at CyberPowerPC.com. And today the custom PC maker announced that the brand new (as of today, actually) Nvidia GeForce GPUs are now available for most of their models, including the popular Zeus and Fang series. This complements last years addition of Intel 4th generation “haswell” CPUs.

The new graphics cards feature an improved architecture called “Maxwell” that promises twice the performance at half the power cost. They are the low-to-mid-range GTX 750 (1GB) and GTX 750Ti (2GB), as well as my personal most wanted powerhouse card the GTX Titan Black (6GB) – which has replaced the now discontinued Titan. Adding any of these cards will increase your PCs price by $649, $699, and $1749 respectively which is considerably more than if you purchased them by themselves.

The inclusion of the Titan Black is the real news here. This GPU features 2880 CUDA cores running at an impressive 980 MHz. If you’re a high-end gamer who wants to play in 2K, 4K, multi-monitor, 3D, or any other crazy-gorgeous display method, there’s nothing you can demand from a Titan Black that it can’t handle with ease.

I have so far been unable to find out who the manufacturer of these new cards is, except that CyberPowerPC labels them as a “major brand”. Remember that Nvidia GPUs of the same model name can differ wildly in power and features depending on who makes them. EVGA is usually considered top-shelf but others like XFX, Palit, and Sparkle are also common in these builds with various degrees of customer satisfaction. Only the Titan Black is available in a “EVGA superclocked” format. If you want a specific manufacturer in your order, you may want to inquiry CyberPowerPC directly.


  1. Still, the prices of the newest cards included here might be about the same if you DID get that flashy box with the alien face on it. 🙂


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