If you haven’t jumped in to Counter Strike: Global Offensive in the last few days there is a sizable update waiting for you that makes some hefty alterations to the game, opens up two maps for everyone to use, and adds a brand new level of customization to the game in the form of stickers. Official details and change-log can be found on the Steam community page.

First, the stickers. They are small graphical emblems that can be added to any gun in your collection. You’ll now start receiving Sticker Capsules as drops when playing the game, but you’ll need a Sticker Capsule Key to unlock each one. Every gun in the game can be stickered and multiple stickers can be applied to a single gun. Stickers can also be moved from one gun to another, but only a limited number of times before they are ruined and discarded. The designs are currently selected randomly from a limited set, but Valve has said they are “developing a workshop for stickers and that they “will have more information soon”. Stickers are a purely cosmetic addition to your weapons and only serve as an extra layer of customization… unless you scratch them, then they smell like cinnamon.

Also, a large number of balancing and feature changes will affect most elements of gameplay. Some guns have been tweaked including higher accuracy for the Desert Eagle, greater control and firing rate for scoped rifles, and a 50% reduction in accuracy for all automatic weapons while moving (sorry strafers). Grenades now have a secondary fire option that allows you to toss them underhand at a shorter distance or mix the two “firing” modes to control exactly how far the grenade flies to get the perfect placement. And a change to the radar system will color-code your teammates in competitive matches, displaying them as a different colored blip. Nice.


And finally, Operation Bravo has officially ended as of February 5th. That means that every player can now enjoy or loathe all the above mentioned updates on the Overpass and Cobblestone maps on any server, with no paid pass required. The passes can still be sold on the community market since they still net you Operation Bravo coins.


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