CZ75Auto-pistolCounter-Strike Global Offensive has just released their latest patch which brings the title not only a handful of fixes, but most importantly the  CZ75-Auto pistol. This is a nice alternative to the P250 being that it offers a full auto option to players. Valve wanted it known that this new weapon is “inexpensive choice against armored opponents”. To the right you can see the image of the new weapon available after the update.


Other notable changes offered via this patch include:

  1. Adjustments to the AUG recoil, rate of fire, firing sound and scoped run speeds.
  2. Increased accuracy on the Desert Eagle
  3. Adjustments to the Overpass map


For a full list of all adjustments check below or visit the Steam CS-GO announcement post.



Release Notes for 2/12/2014 

[ CZ75-Auto] 
– Added the CZ75-Auto as a new stock pistol that is a loadout alternative to the P250. Its stats are identical to the P250’s with the exception of being fully automatic and having only two magazines. 

[ CS:GO Weapon Case #3 ] 
– Introducing the CS:GO Weapon Case #3, comprised entirely of pistol finishes, including finishes for the new CZ75-Auto. 

– Weapon adjustments based on data collected: 
— Increased Aug recoil 
— Reduced Aug rate of fire 
— Reduced Aug and Sg553 scoped run speeds 
— Increased Desert Eagle accuracy recovery by 2.5% 
– Improved scope visuals for Aug and Sg553. 
– Aug now has a new firing sound. 
– Pressing the walk key while running now properly decelerates your speed to walking instead of instantly capping it. 
– Fixed regression that broke environment fog not being reduced when zoomed with a scoped weapon. 

[ UI ] 
– Added text filter to loadout. 
– Added peel animation when player cycles position. 
– Fixed enemies on the square radar not rotating to match their view. 
– Fixed teammate colors sometimes shuffling on some panels when a player disconnected in Competitive Mode. 
– Crosshair style 2 (Classic) has been changed to accurately show weapon accuracy. 
– Added some ConVars to be used with crosshairstyle 2 (Classic) to allow users to further customize how they want it to display. (cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio) 

[ MAPS ] 
– Overpass 
— Improved visibility. 
— Removed small cover on CT side of Bombsite B. 
— Drastically reduced the number of trashcans. 
— Widened tunnel near T spawn. 
— Widened lower door in park connector. 
— Widened corridor near CT sniper room. 

[ MISC ] 
– Fixes to improve game stability during startup. 
– Added diagnostic info to debug video config reset. 
– Fixed dedicated server to write steam_appid.txt 
– Fixed several game server memory leaks. 
– Fixed a bug causing certain workshop maps to re-download every time the game is launched.


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