Traditionally, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) lacks a major gaming presence as the technology giants of the gaming industry group together and use this large stage to introduce the public to new products and goals for the near futures. This year, however, Sony and Valve have keynote speeches scheduled for 8pm EST. With news about the Steam Machine and the Steam OS imminent from Valve and likely software updates for the PS4 and Vita incoming from Sony, this year proves to have a slightly larger gaming presence. Despite these two keynote speeches, the news regarding games seems slow and rather stagnant thus far on day one of the conference with the number of companies that are making products for the Steam Machine being the largest gaming headline of the day so far. As we wait for the keynote addresses, it seems as though CES 2014 will continue to lack the gaming presence of other conferences around the nation. With that said, if Valve or Sony would like to change that later today, I would be happy to call this year’s CES one of the more gaming oriented Shows of recent years.

Be sure to check back here later to see coverage of the biggest pieces of news from both Valve and Sony’s keynote speeches. While you are waiting for the keynote addresses, be sure to check out our earlier reporting on CES found throughout the site.


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