There are now officially a minimum of 13 partners creating Steam machines, and we assume more will be on the way as well.  Partners will be able to bundle the Valve controller with each Steam machine or they can bundle their own.  Gabe discussed the state of Linux games and while the number is still low compared to Windows compatibility we fully expect that number to grow quickly as Steam machines get to retail.  While their keynote was short and sweet, it was nice to see them discuss more openly what they have in store.  Anyone else wish Half Life 3 confirmed was at the end?


    • Yep. But Alienware is like the Mercedes of gaming PC’s. They cost an arm and a leg and you don’t really get your money’s worth. We will have to see when pricing comes out. I still like the iBuyPower model for the price, that R9 270 video card. mmmmmm


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