Folks…In only a couple of days there will be an explosion of Steam machine news coming from CES in Las Vegas.  While most information is already known, what is not known is who plans on selling their own Steam machines and for what price.  First one out of the gate should be by iBuyPower.  They plan on making a Steam machine around the size of a PS4, and slightly smaller than an Xbox One, that will include a multi-core AMD Cpu, 500GB hard drive (we are not sure if this will be SSD but doubtful), WiFi, Bluetooth, and an AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card.  That card alone is $180 folks if you buy it outright.  If this all pans out and you can get these spec’s for that $499 price Valve could very well pull major sales away from the Xbox One.


      • definitely… I have a ton of problems with an expensive gaming PC that I never have on consoles so I will definitely be looking into this!

          • I’ve never had a problem with my PC, I’m not even joking. I’ve had it for a year now with about 70 games. I’ve been able to play all of them. Also, seeing how this discreet graphics card is going to be at least twice as powerful as the Jaguar APU in the consoles, optimization and driver issues are not really a problem.

        • This is a pc. Its just in a small case pre built to give you the illusion its something different. It doesnt use unified ram like consoles. It isnt one set of specs. It isnt using custom chips. This all mean, optimization will be the same as a PC. Meaning like 25%. Soon, after a while if you dont upgrade. Driver support will be done. It has the same lower/medium end specs as a PS4 and Xbox ONE but NON of the things that allow the PS4 and Xbox ONE to grow in power.(what i mention above). If you want to play game at the same level as the PS4/X1 in 2 or 3 years, your going to have to upgrade.

          • The consoles don’t “grow in power” at all. Developers do learn to exploit them to get more out of what power they have, but they definitely do not grow. If you tweak the settings right, you most certainly will be able to have the same experience as on a console in terms of graphics (and this is essentially all the devs are doing for the consoles anyway).

            What you said about drivers is completely ridiculous. I don’t know where you got that idea but it is completely incorrect and meaningless anyway.

            Finally, the system will not “lose power” over time. It will seem less powerful in comparison to modern games, sure, but it won’t lose power. Modern consoles also start to appear weaker as games get stronger. I don’t know about you, but I certainly notice the horrible frame rates, horrible resolution, horrible lack of AA, and horrible textures on current gen consoles (for about the last 2-3 years). Skyrim being a very big example of this. Practically looks like a N64 on Xbox360, but on PC it is beautiful, even with modest specs.

            Get your facts straight, console peasant.

          • In a console boys mind these are optimizations: Let’s lower the FOV, let’s lower the rendering resolution. Let’s use lower resolution textures in more places so we can put some higher in some place. let’s lower the FPS.

            All these things, are “optimization” in a console peasant’s eyes.

          • in a pc gamers eyes having all of these and the game crashing, jumping from 45 fps to 90 fps, stuttering, downlaoding games that dont work and scouring the internet for fixes…..oh yeah, now thats pc gaming.

          • stop embarassing yourself clown (Vsync causes the program to “halt” or relinquish process time until it
            receives a message from the monitor that a frame has been completed.
            Then it copies the frame buffer before the next screen writing process
            begins. Meanwhile, I don’t care how fast your computer is, it is doing
            exactly nothing while it waits, including NOT processing inputs,
            physics, etc even though you are still using them. Waiting = delay by
            definition. The fastest computer in the world is going to have 0 effect
            on the type of delay we are talking about here since this type of lag is
            solely based on the monitor’s ability to draw and respond as quickly as
            it can.)

          • hey enjoy the pc in the box (ps4 xbox one) because they’re built on the pc x86 architect. next gen no console at all.

          • i would rather scour the internet for fixes than wait weeks for an update to be pushed by Microsoft or Sony.

            PC’s dont need to go through hardware creators, they can push updates instantly.


          • In a console gamers eyes having little kids, ppl balsting music in the lobby,pay for internet on top of netflix and other services, pay 60.00 for a game. get milked from every corner. can’t download games or listening to music while playing. or when playstation network went down for a month and the users couldn’t do squat about it.

          • You obviously either don’t own a pc, have a really bad pc, or are just a console fanboy, (on the other hand i completely agree if we are talking about Ubisoft games.)

          • “The consoles don’t “grow in power” at all. Developers do learn to exploit them to get more out of what power they have” thats pretty much what he just said

          • We are comparing hardware from a day of single threaded draw calls, cell/powerpc architecture, and 256mb of ram; there is no way optimization can perform the miracle it did last gen as the circumstances are entirely different.

          • “Skyrim on 360 looks like a n64”
            You’ve obviously never even touched a console, like most PC elitists you’re talking out of your ass.
            You’re right about specs, and PC being better, though, but he’s right about consoles being better at low price ranges. A 400$ PC from 2005 cannot run nowadays what a 400$ x360 from 2005 can run unless you’ve upgraded it. Whether it’s because of dev laziness or what it’s still fact, it’ll probably change in this gen because of the architecture, but so far, it’s fact.
            But seriously? Console peasant? Lol, go back to reddit where all the other PC idiots are, who care more about whos better than games. When you grow up a bit you’ll understand that once you stop being a peasant and actually own both PC and console, both platforms are viable, meanwhile, stop being all sour grapes about the platform you don’t have.

          • Yeah that is why people would buy the X360 and use it for parts for their pc or to build them. You can build a stronger console now with less than 500 bucks and beat the Ps4 and Xbone. Hell if you spend 200-300 more you can beat the next gen or even the next next gen.

          • Considering each generation of GPUs is 20-30% improvement over the previous (though CPUs seem to be plateauing and focusing on power efficiency the past couple yrs), even if you spent $1000 more it wouldn’t match the generation that follows, since by then what is considered a mid-range PC will be far better than what’s considered a high-end PC today.


            The top of the line CPU from 2008. Slower than a $110 processor from 2012.
            One of the best GPUs from 2008, the 9800 GTX, is about a third as powerful as the GTX 760, a mid-range card from today. There’s really no such thing as future-proof.

          • Good point, anyways you have to update your pc even if your not a gamer. In 10 years I can play BioShock: Infinite or The Forest (runs at 15 fps on fastest mode for my laptop). Guess I’m changing my Christmas List.

          • My only problem with consoles is that they aren’t upgradable, save for the hard drive, upgradabiliy and the ability to tinker is very important to me, I like having the ability to see how things work with hardware and software both.

          • No you couldn’t and even if you could those consoles have killer apps that PC will never have, Halo, Uncharted, The Last of Us, The Legend of Zelda and more.

          • There is a difference on PC and console games. While on console they started out rendering a few games at 1080p, they ended up sub 720p. That don’t happen on PC. But if you are willing rendering games sub 1080p, or let’s say sub 720p, you’d be able to run a lot more games at the same settings as consoles. People have this misconception that consoles gets more power with time. The only thing that happens is developers doing big compromises, it isn’t magic. It’s just showing that the hardware is old and useless.

            On PC you don’t compromise like the end of the world is coming, on PC you move forward, and you don’t hang in 2005 when it’s 2012-2013-2014. On PC you are actually in the year it is.

          • I’m inclined to agree in some regards. Consoles have their benefits, and a static experience is good in some ways. He is right that on PC you will need to upgrade. Driver support gets sub par (I can’t enjoy new games on my GTX 560, because the latest drivers do nothing with it so I have worse framerates in new games than a GTX 650), along with the baseline experience increasing. If you buy a GTX 760 today, it will play your games on high settings just fine. 5 years down the road if you still have the GTX 760, the new games even on low settings you’ll need to bump down the resolution to maintain smooth framerate. Now if you do upgrade, you’re treated to advanced graphics over older games, but it really depends how much you care about that. To me amazing graphics are like a honeymoon phase. After playing the game for 10 minutes the graphics really don’t matter anymore, at least to me.

            After playing on PC for a few years I’m starting to miss consoles (and I imagine after a few years on console after it starts to show its age, I will miss PC, ad nauseam). It’s not nearly as troublesome/expensive as “console peasants” think it is to play on PC, but the PC elitists, mustard race, true gamers, etc. understate it as well… seems a lot of PC players are really egocentric but there’s also a lot of good folks here. I just don’t see Steam Machines as really bringing console gamers over to PC – because they’ll still need to upgrade awhile down the line, which is the very thing the majority of them want to avoid. It’s nice for PC gamers though to be able to buy a cheap system (you’d be hard pressed to build a system like this for $500) with such a small form factor, and I may end up doing this (or I’ll just install SteamOS on my rig). I hope it does well since I want to see an increase to development on the Linux platform but as far as the systems themselves, I just think they’re not really doing anything special. It’s basically just a really cheap version of that Alienware console-sized PC… though nothing wrong with paying half the price for a similar thing.

          • i use to be a employee of a very major video game company before i moved onto other things. not to name any names but its the really big one that everyone hates and loves DRM. during my employment there i can tell you frm the industry’s perspective consoles are wat advances the gaming industry. major studios really put consoles first and pc second. for every 2 hours we work on each console we might only be dedicating one to the pc versions. a game have to run well on console before shipping. better consoles means better games for pc as well. gaming is still very much a big part of my life and i own every platform avalible so im not being bias at all but this whole pc gamer supremacy online is sickening. pc games are so heavily pirated frm the shareholder’s point of view they really couldnt give 2 shits about it. consoles make the industry go around, without the revenue generated from console games there will not be as much investment in r&d for advancements in all your favourite titles. that being said PC is my prefered platform and i only play exclusives on consoles nowadays but i dont imagine the average gamer enjoys keepin up with the latest hardwares or even have the funds to buy a 600 dollar graphic card on a yearly basis.
            in your skyrim argument i would say try to run it with a 500 dollar pc frm the year 2006 when the xbox was released. see if you can reach 30fps steady at 720p with all settings at low. just my 2 cents

          • What you’re forgetting here is that the GPU in the steambox mentioned in the article can for example power BF4 on ultra at 1080p, 50-60fps. The “next gen consoles” run bf4 at a mere 720p 60fps (and they even has problems holding that fps), probably on lower settings. The consoles may still be able to grow in performance by optimisation, don’t expect them to be pits of endless potential. When you find the steambox to be slowing down, you can always swap the GPu with a newer model because as you mentioned, it’s actually a pc in the form factor of a console

          • Oh yeah indeed. 900p on PS4 and 720p on the XBONE. Excuse me for that. Still nothing to be proud of though.

          • saying a card can do this at this fps is just plain idiotic, pair an old dual core with that card and watch it struggle to run games at 720p

          • I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I think it’s that a r9 270 can’t run AAA games at 1080p 60 fps while looking better than consoles, and this is absolute crap. Putting it with a dual core will affect the performance, yes, but keep in mind that the consoles are able to do quite miraculous things with just an APU based off of an Athelon II (or similar). Now, add a discreet graphics card and you’ll be able to do a lot more, especially with Steam OS (Linux). So, either way it’s a better option.

          • I don’t know where you’re getting that dual core from all of a sudden.
            I can see from the way you respond that you’re blinded by your shiny and brand new potatostation. Please do some research on PC gaming and hardware, learn from an unbiased source (YouTube comments aren’t very reliable), learn that PC gaming will become even cheaper with Steam Machines, learn that Steam Machines will be upgradeable (we’ll be able to upgrade our cards with the amount of money we save from not having to pay to play online AND overall cheaper games), learn that your console is already outdate by 1 generation as we speak and come back in about a year when you realise how stupid you look. Game creators already have to do compromises like 720/900p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps. Do you really think they’ll be able to do some magical trick that makes it 2x as fast ? Hehe. The ignorance. By the time your console maxes performance at 1080p, we’ll be playing at 4K. Keep that in mind and don’t let go, you filthy peasant.

          • i actually game on pc but from your comment it sounds like you dont, maybe your big brother has a pc or perhaps you live in the youtube comment section and thats whre you get your info, maybe youre just taking a break from reality, but where do i begin whith youre paragraph of innaccuracies ? “Steam Machines will be upgradeable” throws that 499 price point out the window doesnt it? “money we save from not having to pay to play online” an odd statement as alot of pc’s biggest and best games are subscription based”Game creators already have to do compromises like 720/900p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps” an odd remark as some pc games are just ports from console games like dark souls that only run at 720p, i mean isnt nfs on pc and ac4 limited to 30fps on pc? lol keep telling yourself the lies my friend, ill just keep living in reality. hows that 4k gaming coming along, youre doing tons of 4k gaming right now right? lol youre so much like nintendos fanbase, they defend the wii u but didnt actually go out and buy one

          • my “shrine”? lmfao wow i can see you truly have no life, not sure what my gpu has to do with problems that plague pc gaming that have absolutely nothing to do with power. youre asking a stranger on the internet such a question, i could lie and tell you a nividia titan, i could tell you i have 2 amd 7970’s crossfired, youd never know, or i could even tell you the truth and hear your fail answer of “if you has that you wouldnt say these things about pc gaming” youre a disgrace to pc gaming and one of the reasons it will never be the major player consoles is. after all “pc gaming is so great lets turn it into a console”…..right?

          • Ah but this person, this guy right here! He is the true definition of irony itself. HE keeps complaining how bad the PC as a platform for gaming, is and how it is plagued, giving counterarguments why consoles are better yet I am the one that’s a disgrace to PC gaming! Judge lest ye be judged, heathen. I’ve unveiled thy true nature as a peasant. Don’t you worry, one day you’ll see the light of GabeN. One day you’ll be happy. Amen

          • So you’re pompous over the fact your consoles have held back gaming graphics for the PC?

          • Maybe some PC games are subscription based, but you can play most all games without a subscription, unlike consoles where online play requires one. Upgrading a steambox is optional, a concept you seem to struggle with. Very few games are locked at crap resolution or frame rate, and those that are usually get patched. AC4, I believe, is getting a patch to fix its frame rate limit. Another idea you don’t appear to get is that PC hardware becomes more powerful over time. 4k is really expensive now, but will it be in 5 years when consoles are struggling to output at 1080p?

          • -That man is from the PC Master Race. It is entirely evident. You, on the other hand, sound misinformed. He likely owns a PC and treats it like a high performance car (even if he only paid 500-1000 for it with all included). He has the knowledge of a PC owner, it is obvious.

            -499 price tag includes 1080p 60fps gaming right now, not 5 years down the road when consoles/games get “optimized”. In that time, PC Gamer saved hundreds of dollars on games. Only THEN do we upgrade. So, no, your point is stupid. Nobody drops 500 dollars only to upgrade within a year.

            -Subscription based games? Not everyone plays WoW and god knows what else. A lot of us buy a couple of great games on sale and play them. Others opt for free games. I won’t even begin to name PC”s disgustingly large list of entertaining games. Either way, Steam Sales. That shit saved me hundreds of dollars just last week when compared to the price of used last-gen games.

            -There’s a mod to fix Dark Souls. Probably other mods to fix AC4 and NFS. Also, what does lazy porting have to do with console compromises of 720p/60fps and 1080p/30fps? If mods didn’t have this situation covered, then the list of PC exclusives does because I actually have too many games to care about 3 with low fps or resolution. Either way, there is a Steam Workshop or Nexus mod for that.

            -The only 4k gaming PC does is off Korean monitors for ~ $500-$1000. It is currently done in 30-60 FPS depending how much cash you have for a good PC. Soon, this will drop drastically as always. It is honestly possible for all PC gamers with a minimum wage job to upgrade to 4k while consoles begin to meet 1080p/60fps standards with “optimizations”.

            If you gamed on an PC with recent, well-picked hardware you wouldn’t sound so stupid. All your points are garbage.

          • I run Dark Souls on PC at 1080p and 60 fps thanks to MODS. Also, there are no PC games that are limited to 30 fps. I play AC4 at 120 fps with a 144hz monitor. Are you trolling?

          • “AC4 and nfs capped on 30fps”.I own both these games and they run on 60 fps on my 800 dollar console killer pc and i max out all my 50 games on steam that i have gotten for a total of 100 dollars.”an odd statement as alot of pc’s biggest and best games are subscription based”.http://www.pcworld.com/article/2049703/12-great-pc-games-best-played-alone.html.Also 4k gaming isnt playable now but in 4 years from now when your piece of crap console cant run any games on 1080p let alone 900p we will be enjoying 4k gaming with 600 dollar computers.You obviously have never used a pc in your life before.

          • Don’t listen to this clown folks he’s one of youtube’s biggest trolls and a massive sony fanboy. He knows nothing about pc gaming LOL

          • iv got an i3 3.3GHz, a pritty old cpu. Still runs bf4 at 60fps maxed out.

            you really have no clue do you.

            The graphic hardship of a game doesnt take its toll on a CPU unless you have an old GPU and the CPU is bearing some of the load for Graphics Processing or using Onboard (something you people think is amazing for the “next gen”). The only times the CPU is maxed is when its a game requiring a hell of a lot of calc’s per second (strategy games, moba’s, MMORPG’s to name a few). with a game like BF4 the graphics card does most of the work while the cpu just sits there almost idling and maybe doing a few calc’s per second but it will in no way max your CPU.

          • Had a dual core until very recently (8 years old now), with a pretty lacklustre card and I managed to get BF4 going at 720p, medium settings and around 45fps. I’ve since upgraded, but it was certainly more than playable.

            As well as being wrong, the dual core comment is just a pointless statement regardless since there aren’t many people who are going to pair an R9 270 with an old dual core. As for the card, you’re right, the other guy should have looked up some benchmarks. It won’t do 60fps at ultra. It’ll do at at 1080p, high settings (still an improvement over PS4), but not ultra.

          • This has an AMD card. It is getting the same optimization through Mantle. See attached.

          • Yep, with the GeForce Experience.

            “Auto-Optimize your Games.
            GeForce Experience connects you to NVIDIA’s cloud
            datacenter to download optimal game settings tailored to your PC, CPU,
            GPU and monitor. This means you always get the best image quality while
            maintaining great performance. Plus, a built-in interactive screenshot
            viewer tells you about each setting and its benefit.”

            I do not know how well it compares to Mantle until I see some benchmarks. But with G-Sync Monitors, that is certainly going to be a real improvement for Nvidia for higher frame rates.

          • Will Mantle reduce CPU usage by making it so GPU data doesn’t need to be processed by the CPU? If so, I may be able to get more life out of my Core2 Quad and just replace my GTX 560 with an R9 280, should they be released (or re-released, given that the 280 would likely be a 7950 or underclocked 7970 rebadge)… when games actually support Mantle that is 😐 the “big” one that was supposed to kick off Mantle has been a huge flop. Hopefully AMD learns not to partner with EA for anything lol

          • “This all mean, optimization will be the same as a PC. Meaning like 25%.” Yeah, it really doesn’t work like that.

          • Yeah… and 500 GB is really not worth it… a PC can easily have over a terabyte… mine has two.
            Instead of this, buy a better computer and just install steam

          • That is the most retarded thing I have ever read. Do you really believe what you just typed?

          • you clearly dont understand, the XB1 and PS4 use the same hardware for the entire life cycle, which means it will NOT get more powerful at all. The worst part about it is you cant even upgrade the things for an extra $200 5 years down the line to get top end graphics on new games of that era, you just void the warranty (which will have already ran out at that point) and/or brick your console. driver updates have always come to PC excessively quickly and mixed with cheap game deals and free online for the majority of games on pc (leaving out the P2P games like warcraft) you earn back that $200 very quickly by getting stupidly good deals in sales to not having to pay for additional services (such as online support).

            pc gaming is only initially expensive, after you have got your first rig its stupidly cheap. i have 53 steam games, about 40 of them are indie titles from the Humble Bundle sales ($1.00 for 3 games or around $5.00 for 5 games) and the bundles normally retail for around $80.00-$100.00 . take my first humble bundle for instance, i got BF3 Mirrors Edge Populous and a few other big titles for around $4.70, taking into effect that BF3 was retailing for around $25.00 on origin at the time thats a $20.00 saving and 4 free games, the bundle iirc retailed for around $120.00 meaning i saved well over half of a new GPU or a Quarter of a Beasty GPU (newly released) for games i would have bought anyway for the rrp. Consoles just cant match this due to the paper costs, disc costs, box costs + tax added on by the stores to make profit.

            Hopefully i have taught you that Consoles are not as cheap as they initially seem to be.

          • ^ This Necro guy is talking out of his ass and hasn’t a clue. “Optimization” is not something that gives consoles an edge over PCs, is something that developers have to do for the game to be able to run on the lower specs of a console. Games are developed on a PC first, and then ported to the console. Consoles settings are locked to low and do not change, and consoles do not “grow in power” over the years. They remain the same underpowered overpriced space heaters they were when they were released. PC hardware is customizable, making it the only gaming platform that grows in power over time. PC hardware was more powerful two years ago than the xbone or plebstation4, and is only growing while consoles will not change until the next generation.

          • ‘Grow in power’? Jesus. Here’s the thing, previous generations had very unique CPU and GPU architectures that took developers some time to get the most out of. This time around they basically bog standard PC parts from a year or so ago. Developers already know how to get the most out of these, so you’re not going to see games that look better and better as the console ages. This gen is actually going to age very badly next to the PC.

          • Your entire post is a lie. You obviously have no understanding of modern hardware and software.

            FYI, the GPU that the PS4 and Xbone use is over two years old, whereas some Steamboxes use the Nvidia 780; yet others use the TITAN. If you have no idea what you’re talking about, save yourself the embarrassment rather than intentionally spread misinformation, jackass.

          • I signed in to call you names for thinking that optimization is better than progress, that static hardware specifications are better than having expandability, and for not knowing what you’re talking about before you post
            You… You taffer

          • You’re as shit.each stream machine is fully customizable allowing you to upgrade each internal factor of the console it will stay relevant within the future. It is a pc and like all pcs on the planet you acn customize this one.

          • Um I think this is stronger then the PS4 and Xbone. I mean R9 270 is better then both of the GPUs in the consoles. CPU isn’t confirmed yet, but I’m pretty sure it will have the same 64 bit arch. Drivers aren’t really a big deal since once you update to a new set of drivers you are pretty much set for a while. So learn what you are talking about before you talk about it 😀

          • You forgot something that killing both of your peasantry things, steam and GabeN.

          • This is for console gamers that want PC power in there living room.

            Playstation4 and Xbox one have already weaker hardware than the 500 euros version on the steam machine.

            That means there already behind and outdated on steam machine.

            That means to u can’t grow in power and be superior when your less …. begus this is not wonderland.

            Steam Machine is already Beyond the xbox one and playstation4.

            As steam box is already superior and can be upgrade day and day out that means that this machine is superior master race.

            Xbox one and playstation 4 have weak hardware and your in wonderland ….. Xbox one and playstation grow in power ….

            WHOehahaha with oudated hardware HAHAHAHA there already have weaker hardware than the 500 euro version of steam HAhahaha .

            WOnderland Wonderland the land of grow in power with out better hardware Hahaha …..

            U have 0% logica

          • Consoles go out of date as quick as anything else, the only difference is that console makers overpay companies to optimize games for them, which in turn slows the progression of video game visuals as a whole, console and pc both.

          • It uses the same architecture as the xbox One and PS4. The only difference is the operating system. The thing that makes consoles so powerful is having one set of hardware for developers to work on allows them to make it more efficient. The Steam Machine will be able to do that just as well as the xbox One and better than the PS4.

    • it wont appeal to console players as it will likely have a goofy controller and no exclusives…the pc crowd aren’t interested in consoles and probably already own a rig that blows this device out of the water…always nice to have competition out there but i see this thing flopping hard especially at 500 as the ps4 and xbox 1 will surely have had a price drop by the time it releases

        • you show a list of a bunch of pc exclusive games….and people with pc’s,ya know,already own pc’s and are already playing those games…furthermore, there are already several capable pre-built gaming pc’s on the market if thats what a person is in the market for…and of course pc users already have access to steam so that is also an irrelevant feature….so besides insulting consoles for some reason what is your point exactly? if you actually have one of course,have a nice day 🙂

          • Are you kidding? You said PC has no exclusives. Learn to read what you wrote.

          • yes as in exclusives that are new and can only be played on the steam box…not a bunch of games already out on pc

          • Are you fucking serious? Are you really that stupid? Really?

            Why would the Steambox need it’s own exclusives? It’s not another fucking console, it’s a pre-built PC.

          • It seems that you simply do not get it.

            Why would the Steambox need exclusives? Those who want to game on a PC probably already got a PC and thus have no need to get a Steambox, nor want to get one.

            There might me a minority, or some might change their PCs out in the future with a Steambox. Though, newer “normal” computers would most likely perform better at the same pricepoint if you build it yourself.

            Therefore it will most likely attract a bigger audience if it had some exclusive games. Having said this, though, I am not the biggest fan of exclusives, but I do understand their potential such as better optimization if they are on consoles with one set of hardware.

            Now, why the hostility against consoles? Did they steal your lunchbox? It seems so at least.

          • Well then, it seems you are completely missing the point of the Steam Box and the point of my post.

            >Why would the Steambox need exclusives?

            Can’t tell if you’re asking the same thing I asked or rephrasing the question

            >Therefore it will most likely attract a bigger audience if it had some exclusive games.

            This is ridiculous. Steam box isn’t trying to attract PC gamers, it’s aimed at console gamers. It already has it’s exclusives, the same damn exclusives as PC.

            >Having said this, though, I am not the biggest fan of exclusives, but I do understand their potential such as better optimization if they are on consoles with one set of hardware.

            There is no potential for them, and you use the word optimization as if you don’t know what it means. Console exclusives are made to force you to buy into the platform, not because it’s something only that console can do (With the exception of Nintendo).

            Steam box wouldn’t need its own exclusives, it’s not trying to be a console. It’s just trying to be a PC that can convert console players and merge the living room and desktop experience.

          • and are you serious? as i have said already, then what does it offer over already available pre-built pc’s? what sells this machine specifically over all the things it will be competing against? you have only been offering me features and games that already exist on pc,so if a gamer was interested in those they would already own a pc comparable or better than the steambox,or if they’re not interested they own a console and this thing is not on their radar at all….so why can’t you tell me what sells the steambox exactly instead of just acting like a 5 year old and trying to throw out a bunch of generic internet insults….have a nice day 🙂

          • I answered each one of your questions in my previous post, but alas, you do not seem to have the ability to read.

            >what sells this machine specifically over all the things it will be competing against?

            –merge the living room and desktop experience.

            Other things I admittedly didn’t mention: Price point, controller, size

            >so if a gamer was interested in those they would already own a pc comparable or better than the steambox,or if they’re not interested they own a console and this thing is not on their radar at all

            –It’s just trying to be a PC that can convert console players

            I really don’t understand you’re inability to read.

          • all you have previously said is that it was a pre-built pc,which im not arguing with you about,and insulted me….you certainly haven’t been talking about merging experiences…and there will be no converting console players,as i’ve already said anyone who is interested in pc exclusives,or even just using steam as a service to buy games can already go buy pre-built pc’s or build their own both of which can be comparable or superior to the steam box…so basically the steam box is for people who have been shunning pc gaming for all this time,but now that their hardware can be wrapped in a piece of plastic with a steam logo on it,they will all jump on board and forget about the ps4’s and xbox 1’s they just bought….yeah i can definitely see that happening

          • You are one dense mother fucker. I’m out, this argument is going absolutely nowhere and you seem to completely lack sufficient reading and comprehension skills. Have a nice day.

          • Those weren’t insults. They were credits.

            And I only give credit where credit is due.

        • There are many reasons. Exclusives is a major one, and people tend to buy consoles their friends have so they can play together. Then there is just simply fanboyism, which transcends logic and reason.

        • “Literally no reason”. Outside of the many reasons like…

          1) The exclusives
          2) The TV functionality
          3) Kinect
          4) Renting games
          5) Easier use (for the moment) in your living room.

          The circlejerk is strong here. It’s fantastic that a PC can outperform an XboxOne at the same price but let’s not pretend there’s no reason to own a console. My Wii U gets more playtime than my PS4 and my Xbox One yet it’s less powerful than both and my PC crushing all 3. But it’s got some good games I enjoy that I can’t find anywhere else, which is ultimately the most important factor.

          • “The Exclusives”

            Most Xbox Exclusives come to the PC, because both Platforms are Microsoft based.

            “The TV Functionality”

            I’ll give you this.


            We’ve all seen what hackers/modders can do. It’ll only be a matter of time until Kinect can be used with PC. For now though, i’ll give you this too.

            “Renting Games”

            You can rent PC games, and PC games tend to be cheaper than Console Games. Ontop of with, with all the crazy sales that happen pretty often (on platforms like hmm, idk. Steam?) it makes gaming pretty cheap.

            “Easier Use”

            Who doesn’t know how to use a computer? Really? Kids are learning how to use computers. Hell, my 5 year old little sister can use my Pc pretty efficiently and she doesn’t get to use it much.

            The price point is the reason that it’ll be an issue for Xbox Sales. Putting something that can perform 10x better at the same price dwarf’s the other item. PS4 will get hurt by this too, but not as dramatically because it’s the cheaper console.

            Nintendo Wii U sales are doing pretty bad, and they’d be in a rough spot if it weren’t for the strong, STRONG 3DS sales. Nintendo does really well with First Party Games, but buying a console for a handful of good First Party games isn’t exactly on everyone’s radar atm.

          • “Most Xbox Exclusives come to the PC, because both Platforms are Microsoft based.”

            Not remotely true. Microsoft has shown flagrant disregard for the PC platform over the last few years, most AAA Xbox exclusives do not come to PC including for example

            Ace Combat 6, Banjo-Kazooie, Blue Dragon, Crackdown 1 and 2, Fable 2 and The Journey, all the Forza games, Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgment, Halo 3, ODST, 4, Reach, Wars and Anniversary edition, Project Gotham, Ninja Gaiden 2, Shadow Complex and Viva Pinata. There’s a ton more examples, those are just some of the most noteable. The Xbox One already has several exclusives on launch including Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Killing Instinct, Forza 5 and Ryse and there’s plenty more where that came from. It is not Microsofts policy to release their exclusives on PC, generally they don’t give too shit about it, they make far more money releasing on console.

            “You can rent PC games”

            Where exactly is this true?

            “Putting something that can perform 10x better at the same price dwarf’s the other item”

            In no way does this $500 PC perform 10x better than the existing consoles, this is a complete exaggeration.

          • When has Steam never been down due to hackers?? Lmao

            Consoles will always be easier to use whether you like it or not, let’s use logic here… And just plain common sense. Please

            WiiU sales? They have picked up this Christmas and WiiU industry margin alone has dwarfed the sales of the PC gaming industry sales already.

            I’d love to see your proof that this Steam Machine is 10x’s as powerful as an Xbox One or PS4. We all know for a fact that a PS4 can outperform (recorded in benchmarks) a PC with double the specs. How do we know? John Carmack told us…

            That’s right, who are we going to trust? You..? A nobody? Or someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, the official PC gaming industry spokeperson no less….

            Please give me a serious answer mr. Troll…. What on PC will ever sell more than Zelda, Mario, Metroid or Pokemon? Half Life 3 you say?!! Don’t make me laugh!!! Lmfao 😀

            I see PC fanboys are already trollin this comments thread. They need to accept the facts here and quit making up BS. I suppose I would be pissed too tho if I were a PC eletist and coudn’t counter console fanboys on a PC topic based comment.

          • WiiU sales dwarf PCs…

            Thats why more people game on a PC than Xbox right? You’re a fucking retard.

          • 1 and 2 are good reasons, but 3 and 4 I think are outweighed by marginally cheaper prices and tons of other hardware like the Oculus Rift being usable on PC. I have no idea on 5, but it seemed like Steam OS was pretty good at making the experience easy.

          • There are some interesting things the Steam Machines will bring to the table as well, such as:

            1) Oculus Rift support
            2) PC “exclusives” such as Civilization V which will be enabled by the Steam Controller.
            3) Support for Mods
            4) Support for multiple different types of controllers
            5) Netflix/Multiplayer support without a monthly subscription
            6) Steam Sales
            7) 4K resolution gaming support

            It must be kept in ming that while being based on PCs, Steam Machines *are* “consoles”. Or at least console competitors.

            I’m not saying I agree with “Literally no reason”, but Steam Machines will be bringing a lot of interesting things from the PC space to the “console” space.

          • Ok.

            1) PCs have TONS more exclusives, including AAA exclusives. Absolutely moot point. Just comes down to what exclusives you care about. Claiming “exclusives” means squat diddly.

            2) Seriously? Are you actually serious here? This has been a feature on PCs of all kinds forever. Plus you have much more choice on the PC at how you want to control it and with which programs. Bad point.

            3) Kinect (original) is enabled on PC. New Kinect will likely become workable on PC soon enough as it has a ton of uses outside of gaming and Microsoft would be foolish not to enable it. For now, if you’re into that, it is an extra feature of the XBone. I’ll give you this one.

            4) Renting games, as far as I can tell, is almost impossible on the new generations of consoles. Or at least wildly impractical, what with forced installs and massive patches. Games are so cheap on PC anyway, you can spend less than a rental and own it for life most the time. I also believe there are game rental services on PC out there, I’ve just never cared to look. Irrelevant point.

            5) Have you even used Steam Big Picture? It is fantastic in the living room. The interface is amazing with controllers and everything scales perfectly. So moot point again.

            You maybe get 1 here, though probably more like 0.7. Try again next time.

            Here are 5 counter points

            1) Steam Sales (seriously, sounds like a circlejerk, but they are stupid cheap)
            2) Modding
            3) Flexibility of PC with convenience and ease of use of console
            4) Support for controllers and mouse and keyboard control. So you can use whichever control works best for you
            5) 1080p gaming

          • Name all those AAA exclusives. Starcraft, Warcraft, Simcity. I will let you finish the list as I can’t think of any others..

          • Dota 12, league of legends, star citizen, no mans sky, black light retribution, planetside 2(for now), Arma 123, day z, nether, rust, shadow warrior, chivalry medieval warfare and deadliest warrior, hearthstone, company of heroes 12 , never winter, 7 days to die… I think I should stop now.

          • I think I need to define AAA for you. The MOBAs and MMOs I will give you. Most if your list is indies. Nice try though

          • Why does a platform have to be defined by AAA titles, because that’s 99% of what your console offers in games. I’ve spent much more time on indie games than on AAA titles, most of those games are 10x more fun than the latest Assassins Creed or Forza… Sorry.

          • I LOL’d at Blacklight Retribution. Indy and on the PS4. Do better work next time! Looks like you just copied Steams front page!

          • 1. Exclusives? haha. You have been misinformed. PC has way better exclusives and your old consoles are not backwards compatible. You’re telling me you’re going to buy a PS4 and an XBOX one for the tiny amount of exclusives they have? You could afford a very nice PC for that price.
            2. Never heard of a TV card? Get it from your cable company for $5/month. Also, there is a Picture-in-Picture button on your remote.
            3. Kinect for Windows. You can use Kinect and voice commands for some PC games.
            4. Steam sales are ridiculously cheap.
            5. Controllers work well with Couch PC setups. Steam Big Picture and XBMC aren’t that hard to install.

          • This is adorable.

            Number of exclusives is irrelevant. Consoles have extremely compelling brands that are well marketed and very popular, not to mention actually good.

            “You could afford a very nice PC for that price.” – haha, oh man. I have a $5000 PC already, but no amount of money is going to make that PC play the games that only come out on console.

            It is kind of cute that you’re trying to lecture me on PC though :>

          • Oh, I’m sorry, I guess $60 for that “well-marketed” shit game is much better than any GOOD EXCLUSIVE. Then you say “actually good” without seeing the graph I just posted to you showing 46 good exclusives to 3 on XBone and 1 on PS4. Then 5 great exclusives compared to ONE on PS4 and ZERO on XBone.

            You don’t have $5K PC. An absolute lie if I ever saw one.
            You certainly could spend that kind of money, but the absolute monstrous build on logical increments is $3378 that will put you way into the top 1%. I’ve attached some images of PCs that will kill your console for far, far less than that.

            How dare you slander Totalbiscuit’s (CynicalBastard) name with your filthy peasantry.

          • You don’t know everything friend, and how justified is it to own a powerful gaming rig aswell all 3 current gen consoles just to play the small amount of exclusives that are released on them. Just because you’re a critic doesn’t mean you know everything.

            And furthermore, stop hiding behind your unrealistic arguments such as “but I have all 4 platforms” or already owning $5000 dollars worth of PC hardware as they hardly apply to the regular gamer. If you are looking at it from a platform vs platform standpoint which most people are, PC takes the cake darling.

          • “Consoles have extremely compelling brands that are well marketed and very popular”

            And? Hannah Montana (aka. Miley C.) is well marketed and very popular. Does this mean it’s better than many of artists out there?

            “no amount of money is going to make that PC play the games that only come out on console.”

            You sure? http://i.imgur.com/HxIu2g6.jpg

          • You’re lying. If you bought a $5k PC you aren’t gonna worry about whether or not you can use your PC in your living room, or be stupid enough to waste money on an Xbone or a PS4.

          • Fucking kinect, you’ve got to be a fucking retard to enjoy a feature that involves wailing your hands around like an epileptic retard to achieve functionality. Its beyond fucking retarded, but then again, so are consoles so it makes sense people like you enjoy playing on them. Now i know why Xbox Live is full of children, have fun paying your subscriptions every year you mindless shits.

    • I thought the same exact thing lol… personally I think Sony has better exclusives but they probably said this because of the Xbox one exclusives like Titanfall that are also on PC…

      • There are 174 PS4 games while there are 285 native SteamOS games. On top of that, you can stream Windows games or just dual boot to have access to thousands. If you think a console has better exclusives, then you’re very mistaken.

  1. You’re not going to get an SSD in a $500 machine. Well, not in a $500 machine that can play games more complicated than Minesweeper anyways (but it would be the quickest loading Minesweeper, lol) ;). The big issue here will be performance and game selection. Yes, on paper the R9 270 is competitive with the PS4 and a step above the XB1, but at least at launch it’s unlikely the games will be optimised for Linux. Then there’s the fact that very few ‘high profile’ games are available on Linux in the first place (the game selection bit). If you add in Windows, there’s another $100, and we all know how well consoles do at $600 (see PS3’s launch).

    • I would say the r9 270 is a lot more powerful than the downclocked 7970m laptop gpu (with some of it’s cores disabled) that the PS4 uses.

      • The R9 270 would have a slight edge in computing power, but saying it’s a lot more powerful is skewing the figures – in real terms, the R9 270 and the GPU in the PS4 are very much in the same class, and will provide similar raw performance. The PS4 GPU is similar (if slightly below) the performance of the 7870, which is very similar (and in some ways ahead) of the performance of the R9 270:


  2. This was just a repost of news we already know. Specs aren’t confirmed, price isn’t confirmed, release date not confirmed. What was the point of this article? To tell people CES is coming?

  3. Also it’s really more $600, as they don’t mention it coming with a controller, mouse, or keyboard.

  4. “Valve could very well pull major sales away from the Xbox One”

    I dont see the iBuyPower’s Steam Machine with Kinect, nor with any major exclusives, what I see is a box made for a core audience who already owns decent PCs, oh and shit controller that even makes devs laugh. Yap. major Xbox killer right there lol.

    Also, I dont get the Xbox hate lol, dont forget the Ps4 is also a thing.

    • I think it’s because Microsoft is pulling a “Many of our exclusives will be on PC, our fanbase will keep telling you that that still makes them remain ‘Exclusive’ when its not”. Like originally with Mass Effect or Titanfall.

      PS4….yes, it’s a thing too, but its exclusives will remain on PS4 just like PS3 had tons of delicious exclusives that weren’t on PC. Only thing Sony generally shares with PC are big, open-world games like Planetside 2 or Everquest/MMO’s.

      • Theirs a ps3 game coming to the xbox one. I saw a post about it on vgn that is a very good reliable source.

        • Call the networks! A random person posted that someone posted that a PS3 game is coming to Xbox! This could be the dumbest post ever!

        • This’d have to be one of the most vaguest rumors I’ve ever seen….

          Do you know how many 360 games went to PS3? If history tells us anything, it’s that Microsoft and their habits of buying Timed exclusivity will show us that many of Microsofts 2nd and 3rd-party exclusives will retain the same logic outside of Microsofts’ own first-party studios.

  5. R9 270 $180,
    AMD cpu + mobo $120
    8GB ram $50
    400w PSU $25
    500gb hdd $40

    take into account bulk pricing $499 is more than doable.

      • i think the case would be closer to $20. also im not sure if all steam machines will have the controller bundled. maybe valve will sell them separately.

        • You might be right about the controller (although I’m sure I read somewhere that every steambox would release with the controller) but don’t be ludicrous about the case, seriously…Also I’m pretty darn sure you have missed a few items, the wifi and bluetooth for example..

        • You weren’t right, it does come with a controller, it’s been confirmed at CES, so yeah the price is amazing.

  6. Not impressed, give me the same (4 core desktop rated, instead of 8 core mobile) hardware on the PS4, plus an upgrade slot for crossfire down the road. @ 299.00, there’s an offer I might consider.

  7. Even though the GPU is more powerful than those on consoles you will actually have worst image quality in 1080p than consoles due to PC overhead and less optimization. That being said I expect 2nd gen steam machine to be on par with consoles and 3rd gen to take the lead…

    • That’s odd because people with 7870ghz cards on PC (similar card to what is in PS4), are actually able to play BF4 at 1080p 60fps and decent settings. Ps4 can’t even handle 1080p.

      • The cheap ass Jaguar cpu doesn’t help but I would be interested in comparing actual visual quality between the 2….

  8. I bet $100 this will not perform better then the Xbox ONE. Consoles gain strength from strict optimization, unified memory, one set of specs, close hardware. This Steam machine has non of these, meaning, optimization will be low. I bet the XBox ONE and PS4 still perform better a year or 2 from now. This Steam machine will be dead in the water in 3 years. Youll be running games at low settings. Not only that but that Valve OS is terrible. Almost all big companies arent supporting Linux. When you get this things, the libraries non existent. So youll have to buy Windows, that more money. The controllers a joke as well. Hey i know guys lets create a controller but instead of using the tried and true method that has been perfected over time. (Analog sticks), lets instead use touch pads? Said no reasonable person ever. The triggers look terrible. The position of the buttons look awkward and too far apart. Fighting games are going to be terrible. The only thing this controller look good for is games like Civilization and games like that. I cant wait for people to start using this for shooters and get just destroyed. These Steam machines are going to take 0 away from the Xbox ONE let alone PS4. I see a small set of PC people using them and thats that. The mass majority, wont be using these. Steam let alone these small tech companies making them have no where even remotely close to the marketing power and money that Microsoft of Sony have. These things are going no where. They are no different then alien ware pcs. The only reason people are talking about them is because of Steam. I cant wait when these things are finally out and they literally take 0 away from the 8th gen, so i can laugh at all you hipsters. Oh and did i mention, they are digital only and always online. Yup….. The PS4 and Xbox ONE supporting physical media alone destroys anything these Steam machines offer. And by the way you way sight Steam sales. Well what are sells worth when theres nothing to buy. The Steam OS library is baron and like i said. Only indies will be supporting it. So you better add an extra $100 on to that for Windows. I am not a huge fan of the Xbox ONE but i would pick the X1 over this anyday. It does something new, something interesting. MS has a nice set of exclusives. Physical media. And one of the best controllers ever made.

    • This $600 SteamMachine will not perform better than Xbox One… People are stupid to think so, regardless of ” It has the same specs but it’s a PC” Xbox One will perform better than a PC with double the specs according to John Carmack’s benchmark tests. Probly due highly to optomization, same fact goes for PS4… PS4 will outperform a PC with double the specs due to coding, OS (no bloatware, ect.), and Optonization.

      Optomization is not a myth, ask any PC dev… I just wish these PC eletists would know what they are talking about.

      • PC dev/elitist here.

        1) The benchmark isn’t much of a benchmark at all if it runs optimized code on one platform and unoptimized code on the other. Carmack knows this, so either you’re misquoting him or he was referring to something that went way over your head.

        2) Software-based optimizations are nearly universal.

        2.a) Graphically, optimizations for XBox, PS4, and PC are all certainly compatible with one-another. We only have two competing GPU manufacturers (if you’re being serious) and both only really implement standardized (by third-parties) instruction sets.

        2.b) Computationally, the optimizations for XBox and PC are still compatible. PS4 is the only one that might enjoy some processor-specific optimizations, but they likely won’t be as crucial as you make them out to be.

        Hardware optimizations (that is, how they implement instruction sets on the actual circuit) are what might make a unique difference. I highly doubt, however, that they’d implement them in a special, fast way for Sony/Microsoft and never use those implementations again. In that case, Steam Machines will see them in a few years at the very most.

      • You’re really silly, you do realise that the steam machines are PC’s right? So you’re essentially saying that due to optimisation which is configuring a game to work with a specific set of hardware(static mind you) this means that Xbox ones can outperform high end PCs by a factor of 2. Furthermore, optimisation isn’t console specific and I don’t remember the spec sheet of the Xbone saying that it had a 660ti-gtx780 in it so it doesn’t have the same hardware.

      • BS You obviously don’t own a gaming PC. Just look at the ps4 running BF4 at only 900p native, and the Xbox one running it at only 720p. People with modest gaming PCs, like i5s or FX 8350s with GTX 760s are running that game at 1080p high/ultra settings and getting 60 fps.

  9. iBuyPower? is that the name of the machine? if so its so LAME LMFAO , the name tries to convince ppl to buy it , its official , it SUCKS , might aswell name it :PweaseBuyMe ahahahahaha

  10. 4k displays, graphics cards able to push AAA titles at that re resolution, and steam machines are really going to be the nail in the coffin for consoles. I just hope the industry isn’t somehow leveraged into waiting an entire next-gen cycle to make this a reality.

  11. Steam machine = great idea. Lets all the people who want to play high end pc games but don’t know how to build pcs do so at a competitive price.

    Steam OS = not so great, yet. Like everything, wait a couple of years for developers to jump on board. I just hope it gets enough support until games come to it.

  12. u mean major sales from the pauper4.. no one intelligent is going to buy the steam box with 0 exclusives with 0 additional features then a PC… xbox one wins in games and entertainment..pc wins in moding and alll that pc goodness..and ps4 is just a stale machine copying everyone else with small time exclusives (with the occassional 1 each 2 yr period).. obviously a ps4 blind fan boi sees differently.. but these are the facts… buying a steam box and xbox one and a PC is the perfect gaming combo..

  13. The Steambox will pull sales away from the PS4 as well, possibly more so since PS4 has more sales for Valve to go after. Why did you only mention the Xbox? Let me guess… you’re a fanboy claiming to be an objective journalist. I guess people with no journalistic integrity as you just proved yourself to be, fit in just fine with the mainstream media here in the U.S.

  14. Still don’t know who the target market for this is.

    The only sales they’ll get will be from the console market right? If that’s the case they’ll have to do some serious branding.

  15. Most comments are talking about how amazing and beautiful this system is, which is very spectacular console but why would you really want this. The real big thing wrong with this is, it’s not a computer and it probably won’t be able to go on the internet or anything. IT’S JUST A BASIC CONSOLE. Nothing else. The Steam Box lacks many features that Playstation and Microsoft have to offer. By the way, it’s not a actual PC. I’m a PC gamer as well but to me, this WILL NOT BE WORTH spending $499 but i could be wrong, this is just what it feels like to me.

    • “it’s not a computer and it probably won’t be able to go on the internet or anything”

      Even on SteamOS you can use normal linux apps, like web browser and many more. And THIS IS PC- you have absolutely freedom how you will use it- you can install both Windows and SteamOS on this and use this mashine as game console and normal PC whenever you want.

  16. My problem is: Who buys this (except reviewers and tech nerds)?

    People who want to buy their kids a console buy them a Xbox/PS4. They would be totally cunfused with those specs. And PC gamers? Mhhh… most of them already have a way better PC which can be hooked up to a TV easily. You get my point.

    By the way please stop arguing about PC vs. Console. We are gamers and it doesn’t matter on what platform we play the games on as long as we enjoy them. We should rather talk about games and not about pixels and fps because fun is what counts.

    • Well, maybe I will buy it. My current PC has few years and this Steam Machine is nice, pretty cheap (for a PC), small and pretty powerful (for the price) box- something that appeals to me.

  17. i Recently got a PS4 and was going to buy an X1 next looks like the tide has turned I’m going to buy me a steam machine as soon as they drop

  18. Sorry I did not mean to come off as a spoiled, rich,shallow, PC snob. Really one does not even need a state of the art rig to play many STEAM games. What about ONLIVE??

  19. Let me clear some things up here, btw i am a game developer that develops games for both PC and consoles. firstly I would like to say ALL games are DEVELOPED on a PC, these pc’s don’t have to be very powerful (i do engine work on my 3 year old dell laptop, dual core 4GB ram and a gt540 gc) but my main point is they are developed on a PC.

    Secondly about optimizations. On pc developers DON’T need to do ANY optimizations (yes lots of capital letters so people don’t miss anything) (and there is a difference between engine optimization and game optimization), yes none, Why? because pc gamers want the best, that one of the main reasons people choose pc and if people want the best they invest money into a good gaming pc that can run anything. I personally spent $4000 on my pc because i need the power for extreme rendering and i want the best possible performance, this is extreme overkill for gaming pcs but i can tell you, the specs inside That ibuypower steam machine already have a huge advantage over the new generation consoles, by looking at the specs given, you could run crisis 3 at high or ultra 1080p @60fps. In pc gaming, if we struggle to run something we go into the built settings menu and change resolutions or texture sizes to get our optimal performance (pc optimization)but we usually max it out anyway because consoles have kept us behind abit (my third point).

    Although new consoles have come out, we have to remember these are big companies and will build these machines to gain maximum profit, they really don’t care if whats inside is old technology as-long as it gives some sort of edge over there competition in some way, in fact its better if they stay old because they can slowly release new technology for maximum profit again. this has been slowing us game devs down, we have the technology and programs to create, bake and render 4k or 8k (4096 or 8192) textures for our objects or create extremely realistic particle effects but this is were consoles slow us down, to makes sales on a pc we need to make a game look amazing and full of seamless massive worlds, we also need to do this for consoles for the games to really stand out, and since consoles are a bigger market at this point in time pc gamers lose and are restricted from real 2k or 4k gaming. developers have to render things in 1 and 2k textures and even then, settings in the optimization process are turned down to achieve 60fps to match most tv screens and the best resolution possible. Now if anyone has the argument of time or money in developing games, the only difference between 1k, 2k vs 4k and 8k is realy a few clicks and about an hour longer render on there workstation pcs.

    4th point, the linux argument, this is a huge face-palm moment and if anyone says Linux is bad or some shit, they must be 12 and got a console from there mom. people sometimes have to wonder how games are made, and there made in engines! basicly programs that will combine all your assets and code that play it out as you have set it. (very simple for some people here who seem like there 12 or 13) some people may know engines like unity, Unreal engine or UDK, cry engine 3 (if u don’t have a quick look at how they work) big game engines have support for Linux and its really like clicking the export button. why havent they done this in the past?, because before Linux gaming, it was a little to unstable and mostly used by hackers.

    there are some points i would like to lay down before people go on massive rants and dont know what there talking about. seriously people, if your only rough on the subject like most people here are, dont start all this shit. its embarrassing to yourself and some of you have been pointed out by some famous youtubers and reporters. please if you have thing against me, reply, i will simply tell you where your right and wrong, or just laugh and call you a dickhead. 🙂

  20. Hilarious how this rxl guy thinks he knows anything. Talks about vsync as if it still has input lag when using it through Dxtory. This isn’t 2006 anymore.

  21. Forget Sony and Microsoft’s gaming consoles. Nintendo for their exclusives, PC gaming for everything else.

  22. Here the system build for what I think pretty close to what it is on release:

    AMD X4 750k
    Micro ATX Mobo
    Crucial 8GB ram
    WD 500G HD
    ASUS R9 270
    Rosewell FBM-01 Case
    Corsair Builder 430W PSU

    PC Parts Picker says that the build is about 456 dollars.

    So if IbuyPower is buying bulk, their profit margin is about 50 to 75 dollars per machine, which is not bad.

  23. so specs = better console? LOL
    Microsoft sony and Nintendo have AAA exclusives that steam will never have and don’t say that steam has 10000s of exclusives because they aren’t in the same league as uncharted, infamous, dead rising 3, X
    It is really sad that people will sit and say that better speced machine is automatically better. I have lost my faith in the gaming community
    Reply negatively if this made you cry

    Btw I actually want a steam machine someday so I am not a console fanboy even though these count as consoles….

  24. I really hope that they allow us to download Windows on this, and still be able to play the steam games with good performance BUT with a mouse.

    • How is this RIP X1/PS4? Steam Machines don’t gain any exclusives that PC gamers don’t already play. As a PC gamer with a gaming machine I find it far more beneficial to have a console over a steam machine.

  25. I happened to have gotten the 549.99 model and I’d like to know, Is it customizable besides just the led light, Like the inner parts


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