Gamers and industry followers are frothing at the mouth to hear the latest news coming by way of both Steam and Valve at CES this year. With mention of the “Steam Box”, new controller systems and rumor of Half-Life 3 (?) Steam diehards are on the edge of their seats. Below you will find some of my personal Steam related expectations from this years CES.

Lets start by saying that this year, Valve has gotten themselves a nice sized booth at the event. Could this be a sign that they have a lot to show off?


Left 4 Dead 3


Fact, Left 4 Dead 3 is in the making. It is expected that gameplay from this upcoming title will be viewable at some point in 2014.


Half-Life 3?half-life-3-rumor

All of us have high hopes that Half-Life 3 is in the making, but with Valve working hard on Left 4 Dead 3, it seems kind of hard to believe that they would have enough hands on deck to be developing Half-Life 3 at this point in time. With this being said, what better of a way to kick off the launch of the Steam box with Half-Life 3 being released at the same time. Now that would be a great way to kick some industry tail.


Steam Box


Yes, it is about as confirmed as it can be that vendors will be at CES sharing their versions of the Steam Box. Why is this great? We will probably have another look into how the Steam Box functions, we can get a better grasp on the machine stats and possibly a better handle on models, pricing and availability dates. Beware consoles, the Steam Box is coming to town and is going to throw some major competition your way.

Steam OS

The non Microsoft operating system of the Steam Box has been a hot topic for many Steam fans as of late. I am pretty sure there will be some information released regarding what gamers can expect.


New Controller


With Steam developing a new controller which can be played with ANY Steam title, even those without controller support is kind of a big deal. This is something that needs to happen if Steam wants to convert console gamers into Steam gamers. The most common excuse we hear from gamers who have not yet made the switch to Steam is “I hate mouse and keyboard”. With this nifty controller, that excuse will no longer be valid.

If you have yet to see the demo of just how this controller functions, I have been generous enough to provide you with some footage below.


Awesome… I know.

What else would you like to see at CES this year? Any high hopes?

Keep your eyes here for Steam related coverage of CES 2014 starting Monday, Jan. 6th.


  1. Steam “box”? It’s steam machine. Alienware computers? I’m sure they will bring their models but why not use the beta machine models in pictures? For a dedicated steam and valve related site, i expected more.

  2. Stop calling it fucking Steambox, is the Steam Machine.
    Also, i think the iBuyPower 499 should be the only Steam Machine.
    Is going to be confusing for normal console gamers to have different Steam Machines and know what is right for each person. If there was a 499 Steam Machine it would be like “Here, with this you have all the great stuff from PC gaming in a console and you will play all games on Ultra for five years”.
    That and a good lunch line-up (than eventually will encrease considering than more SteamOS users means more interest from developers to Linux) would make the Steam Machine kick off properly.


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