Sledgehammer Games and Activision has presented a new trailer for the DLC Havoc starring Randall Higgins also know as, KillCameraman.  But Who is KillCameraman? Nothing more than the guy with the toughest, most dangerous and fun job in the world. He is responsible for recording each of the deaths that occur in the multiplayer of Call of Duty. Yes, he is our real life kill cam. Have a look at the video below and see if this is a job you would enjoy.

Activision presents again the contents of Havoc, the new DLC for Call of Duty Advance Warfare coming next Tuesday, January 27 2015, to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and later for other platforms. As you know, Havoc give us the arrival of Exo Zombies mode and incorporates four new maps for the multiplayer and give the new assault rifle AE4-Windowmaker.

Havoc , will also bring 10 new achievements for the Exo Zombies mode:

  1. I’m Alive! – 10 – Survive until round 10.
  2. Survivor – 25- Survive until round 25.
  3. 20/20 – 40 – Improve two weapons to level 20.
  4. Moneybags – 25 – Get 15,000 credits in the bank.
  5. Cheapskate – 15 – Acquire Exosuit without spending money.
  6. Burgle Burgle Burgle – 15 – Steal 10 deaths a mate.
  7. Game Over, Man! – 50 – Ask to be rescued.
  8. Come On and … – 25 – Hits 10 zombies at once.
  9. PC Load Letter – 30 – Use 15 times the 3D printer in a single game.
  10. Do you even EXO? – 15 – Kill 10 zombies with a melee attack in 30 seconds.


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