COD_Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty is moving on from the Modern Warfare title. We’ve known a new series has been in the works by Sledgehammer Studios for some time, as a couple of teasing images have been released showing off the “next Call Of Duty” game. But this week, a sizable leak removed any doubt of what the game would be. A complete trailer, images, world-wide reveal information, and an audio recording have all been made available from some unknown source for a game called Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare. Most of the media included in the leak revolve around a creepy character who looks and sounds suspiciously like Kevin Spacey, who plays creepy better than anyone. The official announcement for the game was supposed to be held by Activision this Sunday, but today the publisher posted the trailer (below) themselves and confirmed the House Of Cards star plays the role of the game’s antagonist.

Advanced Warfare looks like it makes the natural progression from the increasingly implausible or merely conceptual technology of the Modern Warfare series and sets it in a somewhat reality-based science-fiction future. Powered suits of armor similar to that of the movie Elysium play a major role in the game, as evidenced by the line “power changes everything” in the reveal trailer. Cloaking aircraft, holographic projections, hovering personal transports (hover-bikes) and other sci-fi staples can also been seen in the trailer. The story revolves around a rouge faction of the United States military led by an ego-maniacal expatriate acted and voiced by Kevin Spacey. The character appears to harbor no trust in the United State’s ability to instill democracy in foreign lands, largely due to his accompanying opinion of those countries lacking the basic requirements to support a civilized society.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled for release on November 4 2014. It has already been given the clever nickname of “House of CODs” by one Destructoid commenter. Points!


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