Today Bundle Stars has released the Neo:Retro bundle offering us eight Steam titles for $3.98. Below I will list the games included in the bundle along with the price each of the games is currently going for on Steam. Have a look below at the goodies.

  1. Jets N Guns Gold $6.99 on Steam
  2. Inquisitor Deluxe Edition $9.99 on Steam
  3. 3089 Futuristic Action RPG $9.99 on Steam
  4. Ethan Meteor Hunter $9.99 on Steam
  5. Universe Sandbox $9.99 on Steam
  6. Chronicles Mystery The Scorpio Ritual $4.99 on Steam
  7. 3079 Block Action RPG $6.99 on Steam
  8. Realms of Arkania Complete Classic Trilogy $19.99

All of these titles combined would cost you about $79.00 if you bought them on Steam. Purchasing this bundle costs you a tiny four bucks saving you a total of $75 in total. Head over to Bundle Stars and take advantage this week.


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