The long-awaited second half of Bioshock Infinite’s story-based DLC will have to be awaited even longer. Irrational Games issued a press release today that announces the release date for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 will be March 25.  An in-game screenshot from the DLC mission accompanied the press release. It shows a fair amount of carnage being committed at the hands of Elizabeth, the once scared young girl whom you, as Booker DeWitt, fought to protect in the base game.

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Recreating the under-water city of Rapture within the Infinite engine, Burial at Sea – Episode 2 mixes the worlds together and combines them with timeline variables into an odd mixture concocted by the all-knowing hand of Elizabeth. She’s older, smarter, and has a plan involving a certain Little Sister with a connection to a very different Booker DeWitt than we first met. It is said to serve as a final conclusion to the main story of Bioshock Infinite, and has been promised to be much longer and content-rich than the previous episode. Playing as Elizabeth will also bring many new gameplay features such as stealth and the awesome power of tearing quantum holes in parallel universes. If you have not yet played Episode 1, you can purchase it now on Steam for $14.99 (Episode 2 will cost the same) or download it as part of the season pass, which sells for $19.99.

A trailer for Burial at Sea – Episode 2 was also released last week, but keep in mind that it is said be quite heavy with spoilers. I personally advise against watching it if you are already a fan of Bioshock Infinite but, as is the case with many things within the game, the choice and its consequences are yours to bear.


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