For an add-on to be criticized for being way too short, unbalanced, too hard, and even pointless to the narrative to also receive solidly high scores amongst industry sites and gamers alike may go further to show just how good the base game is than it does to validate the DLC itself. That’s definitely the case with Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1, and likely stems from the bold complexity of how it fits into the gameplay and story-line.

The second half of the time-branching epilogue to Bioshock Infinite is now available on Steam. In it you take on the role of a gun-toting, light-stepping, universe-tearing Elizabeth as she protects one very special Little Sister in the classic underwater city of Rapture which is perfectly recreated in the Infinite Engine. If you’re wondering what happened to Booker Dewitt, or at least the Booker Dewitt of this particular stream of constants and variables (quantum physics is hard) then you should probably hold off on this DLC until you can catch up on the first one. Those who purchased the season pass should see an update for Bioshock Infinite that adds Burial at Sea – Episode 2, while others can purchase it now for $14.99. The DLC is said to be much longer than the first (about 5 to 6 hours for a completionist) and feature many new gameplay mechanics.

If you still want more from this game, you likely won’t get that opportunity. On February 18th, Irrational Games announced in a letter to the fans  that the studio has laid off all but 15 of its employees in an effort to return to the studios small-scale roots and better focus on the next 2K project. This after a tweet from Creative Director, Ken Levine, confirming that Burial at Sea: Episode Two would not only wrap up the season pass but also be the final add-on for Bioshock Infinite:

It should be noted that Mr. Levine’s words have proven to be about as straight-forward as his games story-lines.  But unless 2K dares to allow another studio to put brush to the Bioshock masterpiece, it’s unlikely that any amount of fan feedback will result in more DLC. You’ll just have to wait for the future.


  1. Apologizes to anyone who was mislead by this. It posted much earlier than I had intended it to. The DLC will be available in about an hour.


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