Steam members know that they should never share their password with anyone. We are reminded every time that we log into or are invited to a chat. What’s the reason for this? If it isn’t already obvious, there are people all over who are trying to take advantage of, steal from and simply get something for free out of all of us. This doesn’t only happen on Steam. It happens everywhere, all around the world.

A few days ago Steam user DoctorSpazz shared the image we have below on Reddit, showing how others within the community may attempt to hack into, scam or steal your account. This is a perfect example as to why you need to protect yourself and your account from others within the community who you do not know. It is in our nature as gamers to accept, try to help and associate with other gamers who we may not know. It is just part of what we do as Steam community members. Unfortunately, due to the few people who try to take advantage of us, we need to all be cautious with who we engage with on Steam and online.

If this happens to you, be sure to ban, report and share with others in the community who was attempting to scam you. It’s the least we can do for each other.

Be sure to set your Steam account safely.



  1. There is person named BllzZaRd^ that tried to the same thing with me but I never contacted steam. I told him he was stupid and everything is tracked these days. Pretty sad when people need to try and steal people accounts.


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