If I was to give a label to the best feature on Steam it would ultimately be the ability to buy and download your games right from home.  The day’s of going to Gamestop or another B&M store are over once I converted from Xbox Live.  Steam’s library is vast, hosting thousands of games, but what some might not realize is you can grab key’s, legally, from a multitude of other sites and redeem them on the Steam client.  Here is where Kinguin comes in.

Kinguin allows you to search for any games that are currently available, but instead of just linking you directly to the Steam store it will search across a ton of CD key sites and find the cheapest key for you.  For example if you wanted to buy Bioshock Infinite the game is retailing for $29.99 currently on the Steam store.  Using Kinguin you can grab a key at its cheapest for $12.14.  When you get that key you activate it on Steam and are set.  With that kind of saving’s you can really extend your game purchases.  Hit the link below to check out Kinguin and make sure to check it each and every time you are looking to purchase a game.



    • I have used it plenty of times. As always when buying online protect yourself. Use a credit card or PayPal. Make sure the checkout is secure (https) and you will be fine

    • Rich Games, you should give reasons for your advice. Thay they fraud customers is an untruth. That these sites are arms of networks operating in spite of any substantial legality and morality, as well as respect for intellectual property, that is a truth.

  1. Both of you gents make good points. Rich, I agree it is important to look deeper than the surface when purchasing from any outside site. Bryan, I agree that we should always use secure forms of payment. In the end, as long as Steam is not being shorted in the deals then all is ok. If Steam is being screwed in the deal I would personally just buy directly from Steam.

    As a Steam community here I think we all have the best for Steam in mind, even if it costs us an extra dollar or two.

    Thanks for the post and thanks for the concern and warning. Both of you make this site an amazing place to be.

  2. Sorry to say this, but kinguin is a fraud. I got a duplicate key that had already been activated on Steam. No real help or support from them after.

  3. If you got a duplicate cdkey which can happen – you just contact them and you will get a new one in a matter of minutes. Ive bought loads of stuff from Kinguin in the past – whoever is claiming them as a fraud is simply not telling the truth.

  4. It also seems like a scam to me too. Received the key instantly, but it was used. Provided the information requested by them that it was used. They spent 2 days contacting the seller, then responded it would be my job to obtain proof from the games company that the key was used before my purchase. They really need to start doing business more responsibly and stop protecting scam sellers.

    I would advise anyone else to avoid them. Fine when things go well, terrible when they go wrong.

  5. I would highly advise for SELLERS to avoid this site. A customer just needs to say your key did not work, and then you are forced to give a refund. You also lose the key, and realize the customer claimed it. Then you also have to pay the listing and % sold fees as well. There is no protection at all for sellers.

  6. Just saved £20 on MGS5 tpp (steam is charging extortionate £45), basically it was a key for the free copy that comes with a new nvidia gfx card, so some people are buying the card and then selling on the game code to kinguin, it works and all win I guess (I’m fairly sure steam still get a slice, just not as much the greedy gits).


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