UPDATE: Further revelations from yesterday’s Batman: Arkham Knight reveal came later in the day in the form of snippets from a Game Informer interview with RockSteady Director Sefton Hill. You can read the entire interview in the upcoming April issue (no foolin’, hopefully) available now digitally and on newsstands soon. In the interview, Hill lays out in no uncertain terms that Arkham Knight is strictly single-player only and that that was a decision made early in development and backed by Warner Bros. The Batmobile is in fact drive-able, can be summoned at any time, can smash through obstacles and buildings, and be used to launch the Dark Knight in to the air. The games setting is not Arkham related, but rather the heart of Gotham City. Even though I assumed in this article that Arkham Knight was to be a sequel to Arkham Origins, the game in fact takes place 1 year after the events of Arkham City. In addition to classic enemies, Batman will be facing groups of over 50 on-screen characters at once as well as a villain who may be brand new and exclusive to this game.

The original article follows and remains unedited:

Holy sudden announcement, Batman! Even after an advertisement for an unnamed entry in the Arkham series was leaked a few days ago, the release of an official trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight struck me, at least, as a surprise. It seems too soon after Arkham Origins, which hasn’t even had all the DLC in its season pass come out yet. Even more surprising is the fact that the fantastic artists at RockSteady are back as the developer, making a hopefully triumphant return after being snubbed in favor of an internal team at Warner Bros and Splash Damage for Arkham Origins. Perhaps RockSteady is the developer the Arkham series deserves, and exactly the one it needs right now.

The trailer below sees Bruce Wayne preparing to take on a younger Two-Face (always my favorite villain), Penguin, and Harley Quinn as they wreak havoc in the streets of Gotham. The art style looks to have shifted back to style RockSteady used before instead of the bit more futuristic imagery of Origins. The Bat-Mobile plays a large role in the trailer, all but confirming that you will finally be able to drive it instead of gliding your way from place to place as in previous Arkham games. All this is accompanied by the voice of Bruce’s late father as he dictates his last will and testament. Specifically, the part that bequeaths all his wealth and possessions to his son,  who of course uses them in his pursuit to fight crime across the troubled city. It smacks of an origin story, but we just had that, didn’t we? Is this a reversal of sorts for the series?

In typical WB fashion, pre-order bonus DLC has already been revealed in a possibly leaked ad image. Might be kinda fun to play as Harley Quinn this time around. Strangely, even though the trailer sets the release date as “2014”, this ad clearly shows “10/14/14”. Sounds a bit too soon to not be delayed at some point.


No in-game footage is shown in this trailer, as it opts instead for a CG sequence. I’d be disappointed if these videos weren’t always so good and fun to watch – we really need a feature film of this, don’t you think? Also, am I the only one who thinks Bruce Wayne looks a little like Ben Affleck…?


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