Our goal at SteamFirst is to be a direct supporter of everything which relates to both Steam and Valve. Hence our motto “We Got This Valve”. We also have a goal to reach out to other communities and or businesses around the web as well. All of our affiliates which you will find below are companies and people whom we trust, respect, support and even use ourselves. Be sure to take a gander over to their space on the web and check out what they have going on. Great things happening for all affiliated with SteamFirst.


Battle Buddy Apparel

Battle Buddy is your one stop shop for customized apparel focused on Military, Gaming, Fitness and Law Enforcement processionals. We at S1st personally use Battle Buddy for our own apparel line. We highly recommend their apparel and gear.




No Scope

Long term computer usage can lead to strained eyes, dry eyes, insomnia, blurry vision, headaches, and fatigue. With NoScope glasses, you can eliminate many of these side effects without going broke in the process.



Games Republic

A digital game store offering Steam and other PC titles to gamers at excellent pricing. They connect developers / bloggers and gamers.




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