Adventures of Pip

Don’t let the retro styled graphics of this one fool you. The look of Tic Toc Games’ Adventures of Pip has a purpose integral to the gameplay. You start off on this journey as a pixel. One single pixel. He doesn’t seem to be able to do much beyond hop on enemies and collect coins. It’s through collecting these coins that you are able to move up the game’s caste system and evolve into an 8-bit boy with wall jumping abilities. Further progress yields further evolution in that you can become 16-bit and gain the ability to swing a sword. 16-bit Pip is too heavy to wall jump effectively, though…

Therein lies the gameplay hook of this platformer. Each iteration of Pip has different abilities. Even Pixel-Pip is useful in that he can squeeze through narrow spaces. Devolution can happen at a press of a button and produce an obstacle clearing blast. The puzzles I worked through were entertaining and well thought out. There was also the additional challenge of finding the villagers deviously hidden throughout the level I was able to try. I was only able to find nine out of the ten there which frustrated me as I thought I checked every nook and cranny. This simple mechanic certainly will add to the replay of this title as the level was great fun to explore.

And be impaled upon.
And be impaled upon.

While the platforming is the star of the show here, what really caught my interest was the caste system the story puts forth. In this world, wealth is king. The richer someone is, the better rendered they become. So, only the 1% can obtain 32-bit status. Should this concept be used wisely, the allegorical uses could be thought provoking, something I hope the developers can pull off.

That being said, the game itself was great fun and I do look forward to playing more of this title. If any of you found this interesting, Tic Toc Games does have a Kickstarter.


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