Activision announced that the latest DLC for Activision Publishing’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, called ‘Web Threads Suit Pack’, previously exclusive to players who pre-ordered the game, is now Available in North America starting today, June 3, on the PSN, Xbox Live Store and Steam for $6.99.

This new bundle adds more costumes to the original set of four, while making the full collection open to all for the first time. the new ‘Web Threads Suit Pack’ features six powerful suits of arachnid attire, These costumes may also be purchased individually for $1.99 each. Spidey’s outfits are far more than a fashion choice, they’re tactical decisions, each delivering a unique mix of offensive and defensive bonuses that grow in strength with experience, which are including:

1. New! The dynamo-powered, energy-resistant Electro-Proof Suit.
2. New! The heavily armored Ends of the Earth Suit, perfect for fending off up to six sinister villains at a time.
3. The technological marvel of the Iron Spider Suit.
4. The celestial, Big Bang-infused Cosmic Spider-Man Suit.
5. The sleek, not-of-this-world Black Suit.
6. The shadowy, alternate universe Spider-Man Noir Suit.

Amazing Spider Man 2 pre order 02


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