So… the cat is out of the bag.  No, Half Life 3 was not confirmed, the Internet did not come to a standstill, and people did not run into the streets screaming.  But Valve did show off to the press a baker’s dozen of Steam machines that are going on sale throughout 2014.  What if, and I do mean a hypothetical, Valve decided to end their quick discussion with a confirmation that Half Life 3 is currently in production.  Would you have really been surprised? Shocked? Would you have been that screaming person?  I can confirm one thing… The Internet really would come to a halt if and when this does happen.


  1. If I ever read somewhere that Half Life 3 is confirmed, I’ll take it like a joke. There has been so many speculations that It gets boring already. They shouldn’t have waited a decade to release it, hype is so high that probably they will never release it anymore. Look what happened with Diablo 3. If they were to release HL3 this was the right time to do it, an exclusive for SteamOS. They need some killer app to bring some console players to their side since there won’t be titles like Call of Duty, Assasin’s Creed and the like, for now at least. And let’s not forget about EA’s titles absence, there’s no way to deny that they have some awesome IP’s under their arms.

  2. Great blog and post cheers. How long has this blog been running now? The only thing is I seem to be having some technical ditifculfies getting to your RSS feed though. Ben