When Valve released the Steam suite as a method of distributing Counter Strike patches in 2002, it’s expanded into a massive gaming store and social network. With huge numbers of users and developers taking advantage of the easy installation and distribution of their games.

Now, The rise of digital distribution made it possible for small companies to get their software into the hands of many more consumers than was ever possible before. These games, at least in the beginning, were only a handful of employees, or one person at a computer writing code. While some of them have expanded into full-fledged game developers since their success, they hold the importance of good game mechanics and creative use of the medium over hyper-realistic graphics and expensive voice and motion capturing.

Valve updated their ‘Steam and Game Stats’ the morning, January 2, at 9:26 AM. The most current stats have Valve revealing at once the top 10 most-played games.



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