The Yawhg is coming in 6 weeks and no one expects it. With it comes destruction, sickness and death. In your last 6 weeks of normal life you can choose how  your story plays out. You can spend the 6 weeks hanging around the hospital and meditating to become the town doctor once the storm hits. Or you can focus on magic and physique to be the town conjurer and use your skills to gather supplies to help rebuild. No matter what you do there’s no happily ever after to The Yawhg, a choose-your-own-adventure  by Damien Sommers and Emily Carroll.

The Yawhg plays like any other choose your own adventure. You get to pick a character and use him to complete certain tasks that improve his stats which helps choose the outcome of your game. There are 4 characters to choose from but they really don’t differ aside from being drawn differently. They all start with the same basic starting stats and can all do the same things. Up to 4 people can play at once, taking turns visiting different places in the village and completing certain tasks to improve certain skills. Each task has it’s own little side thing that either grants or takes away stats.  The game makes you choose at least two characters before starting so it’s nice to know you’ll get to see at least two different outcomes per play through.

Players have the option to visit the Arena, Forest, Palace, Slums, Tavern, Hospital, Alchemy tower, and Garden. Each location provides a different activity that provides some story progression and as I said earlier, depending on your stats and what you do, these things either take away or grant stats as well as the occasional event that affects the story as a whole. Like one instance where you end up letting a bunch of blood leeches into the town water supply or turn into a werewolf during a night of drinking which ends up in the whole tavern getting destroyed. As time progresses and the day of the Yawhg looms. You notice the town starts to get cloudier and eerier. On the 6th week the Yawhg hits. It takes out the town and it’s up to you to choose a role in rebuilding the town. You can use your stats to choose a role best suited for the restoration efforts but in honesty a random choice has a funnier outcome. There’s no happy ending after all.

                                         The Yawhg performs like most “choose-your-own-adventure” games with player choice, a story line, and of course lots of twists and turns. The cool thing about this one is there’s no “good” ending. It always ends up in death or unhappy times after The Yawhg destroys the town. This makes us think. Not every story has a “happily ever after” and shows us that even behind such a charming facade a game can still end in travesty. I really liked the artwork in The Yawhg. It’s drawn like a story book from the medieval times and the story, though pretty serious in it’s message has a lot of humor and quirkiness that makes this game a must for all fans of choose your own adventure. Each play through lasts around 10 minutes so that’s a plus. You can easily see through every outcome in a day or two.