the_walking_dead_video_game-1-640x400What is going to happen when you play The Walking Dead by Telltale games? You will feel your brain leaving your body and going in into Lee Everett, the main protagonist. He is a man of many words or few. He can be a strong willed leader or a man who prefers to be led. Even as Lee rides to his life sentence in the first episode you will feel the somber mood. The way Lee reacts to his questions already will give you a feel of how you are going to play this game, A-hole or lighthearted good man who wants to help.

The Walking Dead is a point and click QuickTime event game. I would call it a comic book that you are making as you play. If you are going to play this game, free up one full day because you will not want to stop playing. The Walking Dead is one of the most scripted games ever but that’s not a bad thing at all because of the way the game formats itself. When in a fight against zombies you’re most common buttons will be w and e (on PC). When you are given a small area to explore the camera angle will change depending on where you are. You do a lot of talking in this game and I mean a lot, at least 60 percent of the game is you talking and the other 40 action moments although it never get boring thanks to the superb voice acting across the board although I will talk about that later in the review.

To say the game-play is perfect would be a lie. Over my two play trough’s I noticed approximately 7 minor glitches and fps drops. The most notable being when an entire gun texture did not load up for a character that I was speaking to. It added comic relief in an intense scene but looked very abnormal. The game has quite a bit of what I call limited area exploration. You are given an area with an objective and then you must look for items and talk to people to progress in your story. Sometimes the game will give you time limits to make your choices to make your decision more intense. You need a bit of patience to play this game as some scenes are slow to move forward and well, make you feel a little bored. This being a pc review, I will state that I had zero problem running the games on my gt 640 and it ran decently on my laptop with Intel HD 3000 graphics.

Survival is the only though on their minds
Survival is the only thought on their minds


The story in The Walking Dead is a long one. I will avoid all major spoilers but there may be few minor spoilers. You start the game in a police car; you are not a cop though. You are in the back of the car being driven to serve your prison sentence . You are Lee Evertt. It may seem that there is no hope while you talk to the cop who is driving you, but thankfully the dead rise causing you to be in a serious crash. You have to kill the now zombie cop.

As you stumble around you take refuge in a house and you meet Clementine. At that moment Lee’s perspective changes. He will now protect Clementine no matter what. You then are thrown into your own story of survival meeting many characters, but tip of advice don’t get too attached to anyone. What is Clementine’s part in this apocalypse? She needs to find her parents who were on vacation in Savannah, and what do you know, by the last episode you end up there but I guarantee you will arrive in that city with different people than I did. When I beat the game I immediately played it again trying all the different options. I had a completely different turnout. Prepare yourself because in my many years of gaming I have never seen such a sad ending that really proved it is survival, no happy ending ever.

Music/Atmosphere/voice acting
When I was playing The Walking Dead I wanted live in that world. That must sound stupid. The immersion is what makes the game one of the best around. I recall a moment when I was in a pharmacy with some survivors. You could hear the silent groans of zombies and the eerie music playing. It made it feel like real zombie apocalypse (play this game with head phones and at night for extra fun). The voice acting in The Walking Dead is top grade. As the game progress the tone changes. The characters sound like real Survivors of the apocalypse and the game is so well written it help’s develop the characters and make you more attached to them. The games voice actors show true emotion while they talk. With the game’s music and the immense atmosphere it makes the game seem intense. Telltale deserves praise for finding the voice actors for such an ensemble of characters.

They grow a father/daughter bond over the course of the game
Clementine and Lee grow a father/daughter bond over the course of the game

The Walking Dead does not try to present itself as a game with super ultra-realistic graphics, instead it goes for the more subtle comic book/hand drawn style of graphics which really adds a new element to the game. The games characters show all their emotions very well. The lip-syncing is dead on.  I did notice a few odd textures here and there most of it was minor enough to not put a damper on the game. Running this game should not be hard for anyone interested. If you are really worried check out the minimum requirements here.

You will have a lot of fun playing this game.  It is a must have for any fan of the comic or the TV show. Even if you have not heard of The Walking Dead, this series is a great place to start.