The last door – collectors edition is an indie point and click horror adventure game that is developed by The Game Kitchen, distributed by Phoenix Online Studios, available on Steam and released 05-20-2014. This game won many awards like: best adventure and best game.

last door 1

gameplay 4.5

Originally the four chapters of the game were released separately and are crowd funded, And the first two chapters of the second season are already finished. The first seasons four chapters with some extras have been put together in this collector’s edition.  Our protagonist Jeremiah Devitt received a letter from his old school friend asking for help so he heads to an abandoned  mansion where his adventure begins. The first thing I noticed is the grim atmosphere of the game, you start the prologue searching a rope and chair to hang yourself. This creepy tone is constant through all four chapters, and unlike some games with supernatural or alien foes this has a realistic storyline which makes it even more uncanny. Besides the abandoned mansion your journey will take you to your former school, a hospital and more locations, all with the same mysterious atmosphere and peculiar characters.I really don’t want to spoil the experience for people who didn’t play the game yet but there are some twists and changes in the story so I won’t go too deep in to it. It’s mainly an old school Hitchcock style who done it set in Victorian England, movies like: The Birds and Psycho come in mind. The puzzles are pretty logical but not too easy it really had me thinking and wondering from time to time, and in my book that’s always a good thing in adventures.

last door 3

graphics 2.5/sound 5.0

The graphics are purposely low res to make the player use his/her fantasy more, and it works but it also takes away some of the shock moments, sadly. I sometimes needed a second or two to recognize what’s on the screen, and to me that killed the scare you would have had if you instantly recognized it. Items you can pick up or interact with are not identifiable if they’re small, it’s sometimes more moving the cursor and waiting till it highlights instead of a targeted search. All text is very clear and I really like the sound effects being written for deaf people and hearing impaired, which is a feature I think should be used more often. I know there are more titles with this feature but it still is something I don’t see enough. Sound is very good and it was enhanced for the collector’s edition, there is no voice acting, the music is beautiful and adds to the eerie atmosphere and the sound effects are very well done, no surprise because it was nominated for best music and sound fx. In the end this is a masterpiece of an adventure game with fabulous music, sound and great puzzles. Although it leaved me with a shiver on my spine and I know it is supposed to be low res but for me the only thing that could improve the experience would be higher resolution because it sometimes killed the scare moments, This would be the perfect game for 4K resolution and yeah I know I want much but that would be the ultimate experience. For adventure fans this is a must have but I can certainly recommend it to anyone.

total 4.0

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