Today marks the beginning of a new fun on site game I am going to sporadically put together. While playing on Steam this evening I took a screenshot of the game and said to myself, “wouldn’t sharing these screenshots on the site and then have visitors guess the game be fun”. Well, I thought it may be so I am giving it a shot.

All you need to do is look at the screenshot below and guess what game it is from. Leave your guess in the comments below. In 24 hours from making this post I will write the answer underneath the screenshot. If you guess correctly you win a virtual handshake. Can’t beat that. Now take a look:


So there is the screenshot… Now name that game.

 Answer: The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


      • Not really. Anvil is one of the first few towns you visit, so it’s pretty recognizable. Only dark elves have dark skin.

        The sword… I have no idea how you got that right.

        • I still find it impressive. I am playing the game now and I would not know what the characteristics were from other characters I wasn’t playing as. So I stick with Impressive 🙂