SteamFirst has reached its 2 month birthday. Yes, we are a young site, but kicking tail like we never expected. Over the last two months we have been creating a strong team set out to bring our visitors the best news, reviews and video content possible. So far we are extremely happy with the team we have created but we have a few more spots to fill. Check out the positions we have available below. If any of them interest you please contact us via this contact form.

  1. Video creator: We are looking for a final video creator to complete our media team. To fill this position you will be required to create a unique weekly video (review, impressions piece or walk through) which will be uploaded to the SteamFirst YouYube channel. These videos are expected to be high quality with a great deal of polish.
  2. News author: News hits our mail box all day long and having another member of the news team is essential for us to report all the great happenings within Steam and Valve. Applying to this position means you are capable and willing to create 3 or more news pieces per week to post on the site.
  3. Deals author: This position is specific to reporting all of the latest bundle deals as well as Steam exclusive sales that hit the web on a regular, often daily basis. Has Humble Bundle or Bundle Stars launched a new bundle deal? Does Steam have a title featured on their sale list that deserves some extra attention? This type of information is what you will be responsible to report on an almost daily basis.


Our mission is to maintain a site with quality information available to our viewers on a regular basis. We are looking for strong team members willing to put fourth the time and effort to help make SteamFirst a stand out, high quality, original website.

For more information on the requirements to be part of the SteamFirst team visit this link.

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Eric is the Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief of S1st. He has an addiction to having a larger Steam collection than you and has been known to pass up free titles on Origin to instead purchase the game on Steam. Crazy or genius? You decide.