As Steam works its way into gamers living rooms, people are realising that gaming on the network is going to be much more visible than ever before.  Valve has acknowledged the importance of enabling parents to censor the content seen or played by their children. Say hello to the Steam Family Options.

SteamFamilyOptionsSteam family options are now available to all Steam users. This system enables parents to restrict the content that is seen by their children. Now, people can set up a 4 digit PIN which will convert Steam into the Family View which allows us to set up censorship on the content we deem inappropriate. These options can prevent access to the following:

  • Steam Store
  • Friends lists
  • Chatting
  • Games parents do not want their children playing

Once the restrictions are set, there will be a new option in your Steam client for Family Games which are all accessible to your children.


More details can be found within the Steam community.