A message to all Steam in home streaming group followers that an update has been implemented which fixes a few issues that people have been encountering  during their stream sessions. The biggest of the fixes is the improved framerate during streaming. Below you can find a full list of everything that has been given some extra attention during this update.

  • Improved responsiveness and smoothness by decoupling game framerate and capture rate
  • Experimental framerate improvement for older dual-core laptops
  • Fixed audio crackling on SteamOS
  • Added support for Retina displays on Mac OS X
  • Improved remote gamepad support when streaming games from Linux

The protocol version has been changed with this update, so please make sure Steam shows a build date or March 3 or newer on all your computers.

Details courtesy of Steams in home streaming Steam group.

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    • O, it is working well. I used it the other day and my pc’s were automatically linked because I was logged into Steam on both. No crazy settings needed to make it work.

      I am not sure what stream program they use, but I tell you, for a beta, the thing is pretty darn sweet. I enjoy playing graphically intensive games from my gaming pc to my mediocre laptop as I sit in bed. It is pretty great.

      Definitely give it a shot. Best of all, all this stuff costs nothing.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using ffmpeg for video enconding, an excellent open source tool for video related tasks. Google uses it for youtube, but not sure if Valve does as well.