I want to share an idea with you that I recently ran into. This idea got me thinking and expanding on the original concept. On steam we have the option to put the games we are interested in onto our wishlist. I am sure that we all have a hefty list of games on that list. When the games go on sale we are notified via email that “A game on our wishlist is on sale”. How about if we could do something similar with Greenlight titles.

Lets say that on the Greenlight side of Steam there was a Wishlist / Like / Save button. Once you click this button, that title is put onto a list much like the wishlist on the main Steam page. When or should I say if that game comes to fruition and actually becomes available for us to purchase, we would receive an email from Steam stating “A game on your Greenlight list has become available”.


What do you think of this concept? Would you utilize this feature if it was available on Steam Greenlight?


  1. I like the idea but I kind of already do that. I Favorite and Follow the games I’m interested in on Greenlight and their updates show up in my Steam Activity feed. I also follow their Facebook if they have one.