According to the Steam beta Steam is launching a new report system to their online store giving gamers the ability to report things such as breaching law, being offensive or containing hate speech or pornographic material found in game. Below you will see the form which can be used to make these kinds of reports.


This is still a new concept and as far as we know, no consequences have been set for those who are reported. Obviously there will be some type of an investigation before anything is done to the accused offender.

Thinking of some titles that you have recently played in your library, do any stand out as being offensive in any way? Do we think that a game would be taken off of the Steam market if found offensive? I guess time will tell. I personally have high hopes that this system won’t be abused and that gamers take this more as an extra perk of being a Steam gamer rather than a chance to give devs a hard time. I have faith in my fellow Steam gamers.