It’s been a little while since my last review, but my cat is suffering some health problems. This isn’t really review related but it consumed some time looking after him and making sure he would eat his medication. Today I’ll take you guys back to the great expanse of space, where we will have a look at the Smugglers 5 DLC The Smugglers Guild. Smuggler 5 DLC The Smugglers Guild is developed and published by: Niels Bauer Games and released on Steam 07-18-2014. If you haven’t heard of Smugglers 5 Secession, check out the review here.

smugglers 5 dlc 3

Graphics 3.0/5.0 Sound 2.0/5.0

The Smugglers Guild contains 3 storylines (mini quests). You can still conquer space stations, planets and even solar systems, so don’t worry: your laser cannons will be firing more than ever. The first story: “The Smugglers Guild”, will take you on a search for the secret and exclusive Smugglers Guild. Your father, who is a honest trader, is forced to retire because of his health problems. The stress of the endless war and the lack of profitable trading turned the poor man in a shadow of the man he once used to be. You decide to take over the family business and join the Smugglers Guild, if you can find them. The second story: “Thirst For Vengeance”, is a story of revenge. You are a space academy graduate plagued by nightmares from your childhood, about your parents being killed and your sister being kidnapped by pirates. You still see the face of the pirate captain and remember he was called “Ripper”. Now that you have command of your own space ship, it’s time to hunt down the person responsible for your suffering. Make Ripper pay and annihilate every pirate on your way. In our third story “Solomon’s Treasure”, you have inherited a small package from your father. You grew up listening to the tales of Solomon’s hidden treasure, told by your father. The package contains a data chip and a note. The data chip is only one of four you’ll need to find the treasure. The note says a second data chip is stored at a bank. Will you be able to find all four of the data chips and collect the immense fortune hidden by Solomon?

Smugglers-5 dlc 3

Gameplay 4.5/5.0

You don’t have to follow the storyline all the time. If you feel like it, you can help your allies fight the war, pick up some trading or bounty hunter missions or do whatever you want until you get back to the story. These stories are a great addition to the base game. They are very well written and really pull you in to the game. People who don’t like reading might not enjoy this game because the written word is a constant factor here, even in the battles. Gameplay is rock solid, if you are into these kind of games. It’s quite addictive and hard to put down. Graphics are pretty simple but look very good, and there is an option for the visually impaired. Sound is basic with no voice acting. The game does support blind players but this option requires third party software. In a nutshell this is a definite must have for everyone who enjoys Smugglers 5. Combined with the quests you can pick up throughout the galaxy, this DLC contains hours and hours of addictive fun. Personally I can’t wait for the next part in this series.

Overall Score 3.5/5.0

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