When it comes to rogue-likes on Steam at the moment, we could compare ourselves to diners at a Chinese buffet. A glut of titles are available for those gamers searching for the perfect title to satisfy their unique hunger but you may have to graze and sample the buffet line to find your particular mystery dish. With Rogue’s Tale from, you would find a spicy dish plated in front of you. It definitely tastes good and satisfy’s that craving but may leave those with weak stomachs feeling like you just consumed napalm-laced chicken (or tofu if that’s your cup of tea). Is Rogue’s Tale the right dish for you? Read the rest of my review and decide for yourself.



Rogue’s Tale is an old-school inspired, turn-based, RPG rogue-like that never pulls its punches when it throws them at your humble character. The game itself is fairly straightforward in presentation and story. You adventure through randomized dungeons on a quest to dethrone the king of Frostmourn Keep. Along the way, you search for loot, weapons, spells, and more experience points to build out your character to your liking. Turn-based movement and combat make for a more strategic approach, I found myself consistently performing search checks in every room to locate traps and enemies as I moved slowly through the floors of the mines.


While out on your dungeon clearing adventures, you gain experience and level up your character in standard fashion. A point here, a point there depending on the needs for you character build. The true decisions happen every third level you achieve when you gain a “talent” point for your character. There are over 20 unique talents you can select for your character that range from melee or range focus, to magic and general buffs. Say you outfitted your character as a typical hearty warrior, pick up say the “Crushing Blow” talent and get extra damage based on your strength rating for every attack you deal. These talents offer the player to build out their character in specific ways and add more life and variety to the game.


When you find yourself stuffed with items, you can always exit the dungeon and return to the nearby village to rest, sell items, remove curses, or add enchantments to your favorite tools. One of my main qualms with the game, other than the brutal difficulty at times, is the in-game economy. Having to pay to identify items in order to sell them, unless you purchase one of talents and/or your skill level enables you to have the wisdom to discern an items nature. This trait in addition to the out of balance gold economy can make purchasing high-level weapons and items a real grind. Luckily(?), you’ll probably find yourself dying often enough not to have to worry about Rogue’s Tale economic system for long.


In the end, Rogue’s Tale captures the feel of “text adventure” titles of old with the added benefit of simple graphics and a robust inventory and leveling system. Add a dash of table-top influence, and Rogue’s Tale is a dish that may satisfy the niche experience that one may be seeking in their rogue-like.

You can purchase Rogue’s Tale on Steam for $4.99.