nether- review-steam

Nether is an open world survival title which was released on October 31, 2013 and is still in early access on Steam. The title is created by PhosPhor Games and currently priced at $14.99.

The Good: 

  1. nether-steam-rapid-review (1)Excellent graphics: This game looks amazing blowing away similar titles such as DayZ and Rust.
  2. Controls are solid: Familiar key bindings make this game easy to jump into and enjoy.
  3. Multiplayer experience: Playing this game with friends is what I like to call a blast in a glass. Enjoy hours of exploring, battling enemies and being killed by other gamers online. The hours of fun times are endless.
  4. Weapons: The arsenal available in Nether is solid offering a large enough collection of weapons to both purchase and scavenge to keep you entertained for a long time.
  5. Developers: As Nether gets closer to be an official release (who knows when that will be) the development team continues to improve upon and expand the game. This is always a great sign.
  6. Environments: The lands are huge, detailed and original. You won’t get bored exploring and you will always be on the hunt for hidden goodies (see: finding a large back pack).


The Bad: All subject to change as the game is still in beta.

  1. nether-steam-rapid-review (2)Opponents: You will regularly become disappointed as you leave a safe zone just to run into a hidden sniper waiting for you to take off your head and steal all of your collected and purchased goods. What makes this even worse is that upon your death you lose everything, including the perks which you had ranked up through out that life. This can become extremely frustrating.
  2. AI: we would like to see more diverse Nether in the game. As of now, the human players are more difficult than the Nether.
  3. Weapon glitches: Being that this game is still in beta makes it difficult to mention issues with weapons, but I feel it must be said. Ammo is valuable in game. Very valuable. There is a glitch which will currently allow you to unload and reload our weapon netting you extra ammo each time you do so. I am sure this will be fixed before the game officially releases, but as of now, it can be an issue.
  4. Stuck on stairs: The current build of Nether often has you getting stuck on the stairs, not allowing you to go up or down. Again, this is most likely a beta issue which will be fixed in time.
  5. Clipping: Randomly, your character will sink into the ground in certain areas of the world.
  6. Micro-transactions: I simply have never been a fan.


Overall Nether is a fantastic game which I feel will only get better with time. The game is offering an enhanced experience from other open world survival titles currently on the market, making it highly desirable. Overall Nether deserves a 4/5 score based on its current build. I expect that with improvements to in game glitches and errors the overall score will be raised.