Two months ago I wrote an article discussing and explaining my impressions of Lifeless Planet. At the time the game was still in beta and my main question was “is this planet really lifeless”. I continued on through the mission as the game was released and found the answer to my question. Needless to say I was a huge fan of the game back then. Now that Lifeless Planet has released in full, I wanted to complete the story in its entirety so I can give a full overview on the game and its story. Two months ago my impression was a very positive one. Let’s just say my feelings have not changed.

As you move on forward past the three plus our beta, you begin to realize that the beta was actually just an introduction to the game. There is much more that comes afterward. Puzzles increase in difficulty, you become more lost on the planet and you need to learn to use your abilities more efficiently. To be honest the game becomes a little bit more frustrating, but the story continues to take over your mind and keeps you moving forward awaiting answers.

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Graphics: Lifeless Planet takes advantage of numerous different landscapes and environments through out the game. You go from being in a land with geysers to a land where you avoid lava. When creating the game, it is obvious that David searched the depths of his imagination to create a world with both familiar yet foreign enough characteristics to make the gamer feel eerily comfortable. Although the actual astronaut is not the most intricate piece of art, the landscapes truly make up for it.

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Sound: I mentioned in my impressions piece that the sound in game is fantastic. My feelings here remain the same. The sounds of the planet itself coupled with the light, fitting background music is well blended giving the gamer the feeling of being truly encompassed in the game. Never overbearing and in all honestly, always just right, the sound was a highlight of my ten hour play through.

lifeless-planet-review-steam-steamfirst-game (5)Story: Typically I enjoy games with a ton of action. For me to like a game that does not include these action elements I need something else to keep me engrossed in the game. I also don’t care for puzzles which Lifeless Planet had a hand full of. Now knowing a little bit about me and understanding that this game has little of the element of which I love and quite a bit of an element I dislike, you must know that something had me hooked. As I mentioned above, the sound was beautiful and the graphics were gorgeous but the story is what kept me going. From the moment you begin the game you are filled with questions and that feeling does not subside until your tenth hour of the game when you finish the story.

If you are a TV person and you ever watched the series “Lost”, you already have experienced this feeling. You start with questions and each episode that airs leaves you with more questions. Lifeless planet is much like that. David has done a fantastic job in captivating the gamer through story, dialogue and manuscript.

My initial question answered!
My initial question answered!

Gameplay: I would describe the play style of lifeless Planet as third person platformer. Never in the game will you engage in combat nor will you  need to cause chain reactions to destroy any enemies. You will find yourself using your jet pack (sometimes charged, sometimes not so much) to get yourself through the terrain and puzzles. If you are a fan of platformers and enjoy figuring out in game puzzles without having to go on YouTube to look up game guides like I did, then this is right up your ally.

Although replayability of Lifeless Planet is extremely low, this should not be a reason for you to not pick this one up. Every other aspect of the game is amazing and realize, this recommendation is coming from someone who normally plays first person shooters. For me to enjoy a game such as this one, it needs to be extremely impressive. Lifeless Planet delivered.

Below you will find a gallery of my favorite screenshots I took during my play through.

Developer:  David Board

Lifeless Planet is available on Steam for $19.99