Krita Gemini is an illustration/paint program developed and published by Krita Foundation and available on steam since 6-10-2014. Well I have seen a few paint programs in my life but since I’m not really the artistic kind of person I hardly ever use them other than to adjust/alter existing drawings. (mostly to create mocking or sarcastic pictures)

krita gemini 2

Krita Gemini can also be used with a touchpad, I didn’t use it so that will not be taken in this review. Krita Gemini is built on Krita open source paint application and is used by professionals in design and game studios and in the VFX industry. Once you opened the program you can choose between started projects, new projects and even templates with an excellent resolution. Once you made your choice we’ll end up on the canvas. Starting a drawing is relatively easy the hard part was choosing my brush, with more than hundred default brushes like: smudge, hairy, chalk and many more without the pencils and erasers etc. I felt a bit lost. This isn’t a bad thing for me personally but it will take some time to figure out what each brush does, luckily you can add your favorite tools to your mini inventory which you open with right mouse button on your canvas, so you will never have a hard time finding them. Besides having choice out of countless tools you can even customize them to your own preference. Another thing that is highly adjustable is your layout, all toolboxes and dockers can be placed, removed and resized any way you like it and how you feel most comfortable.

krita gemini 1

There are some handy features like mirrors on different axis, so your piece of art will be perfectly symmetrical. You can rotate your picture along the X,Y and Z axis which really helps in the depth of your drawing. And you can make various layers, that helped me creating a 3D picture, it took me some time but in the end I succeeded. It was a simple old school cyan/magenta picture but nevertheless I was pretty proud and although I didn’t tried but it I think you can make the newer more complicated 3D art relatively easy with this program. You can make great details in your artwork using the zoom function and any selected area can be resized, stretched and reshaped in any given way. You can select an area by shape, color, layer and more. You can add filters and/or effects on a layer. You can save your artwork in different file types so they can be viewed with many programs. There are so many options that I didn’t even have the chance to see them all and I definitely advice to visit where you can see tutorials and even browse through the gallery where some beautiful pieces of art made with Krita Gemini can be admired. Because of the high customization of the program the many options don’t interfere with the oversight, but it will take you some time to fully get to know the program. And a warning the steam page says intel graphics later than 2009 but although mine are way newer the program kept crashing and I had to use a friends system (3 times 3 GB Nvidia) so keep an eye on your hardware. I had lots of fun using Krita Gemini and I will definitely keep learning how to use all of it’s options, I recommend this program to anyone looking for a paint/illustrate program, beginner or expert get it quickly. I added some pieces created with Krita Gemini because I think they are beautiful and to give you an impression of what can be created with it.

score 5/5


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