Today Humble Bundle launched their latest weekly sale titled Indie Cade. This bundle includes six titles if you pay $6 or more and if you only want to pay a buck, you can get yourself three games. Below are the titles included in the bundle with the current prices that they are going for on Steam. Doing this allows you to see how much money you save yourself buying the bundle.

Pay $1 and get the following three titles: 

  1. And Yet it Moves $9.99 on Steam
  2. The Dream Machines chapters 1, 2 and 3 $9.98 on Steam
  3. Luxuria Superbia $6.99 on Steam

Pay $6 or more and get these three addition titles:

  1. Dear Esther $9.99 on Steam
  2. The Bridge $9.99 on Steam
  3. 7 Grand Steps $14.99 on Steam


All of these titles combined would cost you about $62 if you bought them on Steam. Humble Bundle is offering them all for 6 bucks saving you $56. Not a bad deal.


Visit Humble Bundle to take advantage of this deal.