Humble Bundle is here with another weekly sale featuring Double Fine titles. Below you will find the titles included in the bundle along with the normal price that they go for on Steam. Having this information will allow you to see how good of a deal you are getting through this bundle. Have a look below and see if you fall in love with Double Fine all over again.

Spend at least $1 and get the following three titles:

  1. Psychonauts $9.99 on Steam
  2. Costume Quest $9.99 on Steam
  3. Stackling $9.99 on Steam

Pay $6 or more and receive this additional title:

  1. Brutal Legend $19.99

Pay $16.74 or more and get yourself this early access title:

  1. Spacebase DF-9 $24.99


All of these titles combined would cost you about $75 if you bought them on Steam. Humble Bundle is offering them all for under 17 bucks saving you $58. Not a bad deal.


Visit Humble Bundle to take advantage of this deal.