Haegemonia The Solon Heritage is the stand alone expansion pack to Haegemonia Legions of Iron. Originally developed by Digital Reality released in 2002 and re-released by Anuman and Gravity Europe SAS on steam 05-01-2014.

Haegemonia solon heritage 1

gameplay 4.0/5.0

Space… the final frontier… to explore strange new worlds… to seek out new life; new civilizations… and wipe them out. Unlike Legions of Iron you won’t play a storyline but you can choose out of several maps and 20 missions like: death mode where like the title suggests your goal is to exterminate every opponent. And a mission where all your mineable asteroids are unstable and you will have to mine them before they explode, so speed is the key here. the playstyle of the many different gametypes is diverse and will keep you interested for a long time.  There even is a training mission where you can get used to the game rather than to be thrown in the unknown. Which is something I would prefer to have seen in the original game, so I suggest you play the training mission some time before starting Legions of Iron it will help you a lot. There isn’t much of a storyline in the game because you can play 20 different game types with diverse directives.

Haegemonia solon heritage 2

sound4.0/5.0 graphics 5.0/5.0

It is a sequel to the first part where you got introduced to the solon race and in this part you will have their technology and ships at your disposal after some research. I like the diversity of ships in this game and you will have quite some choice. The game adds 15 new maps, new ships and technology and different playing styles. there are new spy missions and mercenaries. Research, colonization, asteroid mining and space battles will be your main concerns. Maybe it’s because I have some hours invested in these games and got better at it but this title seems easier than the first one. Multiplayer is only local there are no servers so I haven’t tested it. Gameplay is exactly the same like Legions of Iron, everything responds directly and the controls are good and simple. Just tell your squadrons who to kill and watch the beautiful devastation. Graphics are very good, space and explosions are beautiful to see and make you zoom in and watch all the fighting, Just to see the gorgeous destruction. Keep in mind the title is over a decade old so although dated the majority of the graphics are good even for today’s standard. Sound is very good, beautiful music and good sound effects. If you’re in to space RTS this is a title you should definitely look into. Get both the haegemonia titles in a package and save some money. Where Legions of Iron is a long story mode game this will give you some diversity by giving you many (short) games with different objectives.

overall score4.0/5.0

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