Ubisoft has made the announcement that Ghost Recon Online, after many changes, updates and even a name change will become available on Steam on April 10th, 2014. What was once Ghost Recon Online is now Ghost Recon Phantoms.

One of the additions to this title is an enhanced backstory. Another is the update to the graphics in game. Have a look at the image below to see the before and after shots provided by Ubisoft. It is clear that both lighting and level design have received a huge adjustment from the original build.

More changes have been put into effect as well fans. There will be an improved multiplayer experience, two new classes and a bundle of new gear once Phantoms makes its way to Steam.

A new Mod Master weapon camo system has also been teased but we will need to wait for the community video which Ubisoft will be making available soon. We are looking forward to those details.

If your looking for more info you can check out the Ubisoft Q and A for this change.