When it comes to video game networks Steam really took the cake last year.  They remain one of only two networks left that do not charge a penny to use the service, have grown much faster than Microsoft’s Xbox Live, and took the lid off their new SteamOS as well as Steam Machines, which we fully expect to hear more about next week at CES.  One of the few things we really have not heard a peep about though are major developer players jumping on the Steam train.  Valve has a ton of developers on board, from small indie firms to the big shots such as Activision, but there has been little from another large dev know as Epic Games.  Recently in a Q and A forum the big shots at Epic talked with the press and they made mention about how impressed they are with where Valve is going with Steam.  Could this mean that Epic Games is on board to go all in on Steam finally?  Will we possibly see the Gears franchise get ported or even continue here?  Time will tell, but it’s all good news so far for Valve, a little more can’t hurt.


  1. Does anyone has any news about BF4/SteamOS? Someone from D.I.C.E (A big name of D.I.C.E, not just “anyone”) Told than they will eventually bring BF4 to SteamOS (probably not for now, is still on a really early Beta). That would also mean BF4 on Steam. If anyone heard more about that please link it to me.
    By the way, Battlefield is like the “PC Masterace” game, with those amazing graphics, and if BF4 comes to Linux, that would be a big change to open source gaming and a kick to the nuts to Microsoft.