Just the other day I created an article sharing the latest bundle offered by Humble Bundle. Today I bring you another great bundle deal, this time from another company… Bundle Stars. Like Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars offers gamers multiple games packaged together into a bundle, offered at an insanely great price. Instead of making your own bundle price like you do on Humble Bundle, set bundle prices are set for you. These prices are usually in the $2 – $5 range with around 5-8 titles included. Bundle Stars mainly deals with indie titles which many of us know have some great potential. Sales on Bundle Stars often last one month before the deal is no longer available.

The latest bundle deal being offered by Bundle Stars is the RPG Champions bundle. All of the titles in this bundle are playable on Steam. Have a look at the included games, game info and preview videos for each below. This bundle is selling for $4.95.


 Two Worlds II

A real-time role-playing game set in an open fantasy world. Take control of the hero as he emerges from the dungeons of Gandohar’s castle into a land desecrated by evil.

Embark on a journey to shed light on Gandohar’s dark past, hoping to discover a weak point in his enemy’s defense. If you fail, he will lose his sister forever.


Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC

DLC – Requires Two Worlds II base game, which is included in this bundle

The crew of the Wandering Wrath has plunged into mistrust and outright mutiny! Pirates of the Flying Fortress introduces new gameplay elements including all-new races, bosses, weapons, armor, weather and more!

And finally, the four additional multiplayer adventure maps give you cooperative long-term entertainment.


Two Worlds Epic Edition

Includes the original Two Worlds, PLUS the add-on Tainted Blood!

The hero, a bounty hunter, searches throughout Antaloor for his missing sister, Kyra. His quests take him to the far-off reaches of the continent. Constantly on the alert for a clue as to her whereabouts, he keeps his eyes and ears open during his travels. Will he succeed in finding Kyra?

Two Worlds has it all; dangerous quests, stunning landscapes, realistic NPCs, spectacular fights, absorbing alchemy, and much, much more.


Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Explore a war torn world on the edge of the abyss in this fine fantasy role-playing game which has been compared to Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Unravel an intriguing story, and lead your party into a complex, multi-level world with mysterious buildings and landscapes. With a finely tuned strategic combat system that combines the best of turn-based and real-time elements, you will experience danger and surprise at every turn.



Experience incredibly atmospheric and breathtaking medieval combat action! Go ahead and enter the award-winning world of ENCLAVE!

This glorious RPG comes with over 25 detailed fantasy-themed missions, secret bonus games, 12 different playable character classes and 5 mighty end bosses.

The people of Light and Darkness are divided by a bottomless rift that split the earth many millennia ago. Over the centuries the rift has started to close… And now it is only a matter of time before the forces of Light and Darkness will clash in an unprecedented, merciless struggle for survival!


Gorky 17

November 2008. NATO intelligence services report that, for reasons unknown, the Russian military has destroyed GORKY 17, one of the old Soviet “Secret Cities”.

A year later NATO takes over a former Russian secret base built on Polish soil. Diggers discover a laboratory complex in the completely demolished town and shortly afterwards the town’s previously deserted streets are suddenly teeming with hordes of grotesquely deformed creatures…


So tell me, do you have any interest on this bundle?