Today Bundle Stars launched the Fusion Bundle containing 9 boss-battling, brain-bending, block-busting Steam games all for the low cost of $3.49. Below you can see the list of the titles included in the bundle along with the  prices they are currently going for on Steam. Lets see if this is a good deal.


  1. Thunder Wolves $9.99 on Steam
  2. The Cat Lady $9.99 on Steam
  3. Time Gentlemen Please – Been There Done That $4.99 on Steam
  4. Realms of Arkania – Blades of Destiny $4.99 on Steam
  5. Blockland $9.99 on Steam
  6. Pressure $9.99 on Steam
  7. Luxor Evolved $9.99 on Steam
  8. Eryi’s Action $4.99 on Steam


This bundle is going for $3.50 on Bundle Stars but if you were to buy all of this on Steam you would pay about $65. That is a savings of $61. Good buy. Visit Bundle Stars to take advantage of this deal.