Today Bundle Stars has launched their 12 Steam key Adrenaline Bundle. Some of the stand out games include Monday Night Combat and Postal. Below you will find a list of all the games included in this $4.99 bundle along with the price that they are currently going for on Steam.

  1. Ring Runner: Fight of the Sages $9.99 on Steam
  2. Etherlords II $4.99 on Steam
  3. Master Reboot $7.49 on Steam
  4. Expeditions: Conquistador $19.99 on Steam
  5. Rock of Ages $1.99 on Steam
  6. Postal $4.99 on Steam
  7. Gun Monkeys $5.99 on Steam
  8. Heli Heroes $4.99 on Steam
  9. Monday Night Combat $4.99 on Steam
  10. Axis Game Factory $19.99 on Steam
  11. Bang Bang Racing $9.99 on Steam
  12. Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World $9.99 on Steam


This bundle is going for $4.99 on Bundle Stars but if you were to buy all of this on Steam you would pay about $105. That is a savings of $100. Sweet buy. Visit Bundle Stars to take advantage of this deal.