From the new game makers, Team Colorblind, comes an intriguing concept that looks to be on track for an addictive experience. Part board game, part bloody (really) bloody brawler, we have a game that bears watching as it comes to fruition.

The idea is simple; grow your Aztec empire via a board game. Using intelligent decisions and planning, you will be able to take over the continent. When a true conflict arises, you’ll be transported to the the meat of the game: battle. Here you will find a smooth, brutal take on the side scrolling beat-em-up. Team Colorblind promises a variety of challenges and goals to keep things interesting. Truth be told, I could play an unending survival mode score challenge with this game play and be thoroughly satisfied. The action is quick and gory with a variety of delectable weapons. You rack up combos that can be broken by missing a swipe, getting hit, or taking too long for the next attack. Strange as it is, this brings to mind the first few Tony Hawk games. It also helps to know that if you take damage, you can absorb the gristle from the battlefield to regain health.

Tastefully, of course.
Tastefully, of course.

The graphics are also particularly attractive. They sport a stylized black and white look with red blood reminiscent of Platinum’s Madworld. It will also support Oculus Rift, allowing you to turn your head from side to side to see the rest of the battlefield. While a cool touch, it was much more difficult to play in this mode. Hopefully, they will be able to fine tune this feature.

The release date is up in the air right now. The team is shooting for fall. It was expressed to me, though, that polish comes first. If it takes longer to get it right, that is what they will do. Personally, I hope it’s sooner rather than later before I can get my greedy hands on the full version of this one.

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